Cleveland said goodbye to the Indians

Cleveland (AP) – No further discussions or decisions are forthcoming. There is still some anger and distrust, but also enthusiasm that comes with change.

Cleveland is about to become Indian history.

On Monday, one of the charter members of the American League will play its last home game of 2021, and it will also be the last in the Progressive Field as the Indians, a team name from 1915, when “Showless” Joe Jackson opened the day. The starting fielder was correct. .

Far more than the rain against the Kansa City Royals, the home final will be the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter for the team, which will be called the Cleveland Gardens next season.

It will take some time to get used to it. Indians are all Clevelanders who ever knew.

“I’m not betting,” said longtime radio play-by-play broadcaster Tom Hamilton.

With the end of the season on October 3 in Texas and the absence of a post-season for the team that has not won a World Series since 1948, there will be a period of change before the Indians – racist named by some – Was released and the Guardians uniforms with the newly unveiled logo were unveiled for mixed reviews in July.

At some point, the Guardians’ equipment will be sold and the large scripted “Indians” logo with the crown on Ball Park’s large left field scoreboard will be taken down, a moment that many Clevelanders never thought of. Was not

And while the fate of the Indians has been known for a while, it still seems to be clinging to some fans.

“When we came in, he hit us in a way,” said Kathy Van Wright of Elijah, Ohio.

Before entering the ballpark, the couple walked on the corner of Ontario Street and Carnegie Avenue and photographed the front door of the house plate where a bright Indian sign greets spectators.

“I knew it was the last time I would see it that way,” Mark said.

The team is not planning any event in honor of the Indians’ last performance at home. Unfortunately for many Cleveland fans, this is happening at the same time that the Browns are hosting the Chicago Bears just a mile away at First Energy Stadium.

The last home of the Indians has been another critical line for the club in Bat, whose decision to change its name has drawn strong criticism from fans who feel the team is leaning towards a small, sincere minority. ۔

Others thought it was too late, and probably should have, when the team dug up the controversial Chief Wahoo logo a few years ago.

The name change became inevitable last year when owner Paul Dolan announced his intention to investigate the use of Indians in the wake of the social unrest in the United States in the wake of George Floyd’s assassination in Minneapolis.

Cleveland’s steps toward change aren’t really important right now. There is no turning back. This is happening.

For Sandy Alomar Jr., the ending is contradictory.

Alumar, a six-time All-Star catcher and current Cleveland first base coach, has a personal connection to the Indians, a name he has worn on his chest for 23 seasons – 11 as a player, 12 as a coach.

He respects the team’s decision and understands the justification behind the change, but it doesn’t make it easy for him.

“It’s an emotional time for me,” he said. “All I know is that Cleveland is Indian. I am Indian forever.

Alumar was a driving force behind Cleveland’s powerful teams in the 1990s, when, after moving from their Lake Front Ballpark, the Indians moved from overwhelmed to dominant and won five division titles.

“Those moments are irreparable, so I don’t think it will be as difficult for me as when I have to wear a new uniform,” Alumar said. .

“I can’t wash it,” he said. “I’m taking her home like that.”

Hamilton, who played his first Indian game in 1990, did not know what kind of reaction would be expected from Cleveland fans on Monday. He thinks the name change will have a big impact next season – when the Indians will not take the field.

“I think it’s going to be a big deal on the opening day, the home opener,” he said. “The first game won’t be in Kansas City as a Guardian, it’s going to be here. It’s going to be more interesting. “

Don and Julie McDonald of Fairview Park, Ohio, made the final family trip to the ballpark this week before the summer was over. It was his son Josh’s 10th birthday, and he made sure that the Indians had some new equipment, at least until the Guardian was available.

As her children ate pizza slices with railings in the right field corner, McDonald emphasized how things could be different going forward and how they could stay the same.

Indians may have a new name. His fans are not changing.

“It would be difficult not to say Indian for a while,” he said. “It’s been natural for so long and I don’t see Chief Wahoo rushing anytime soon. There are still a lot of fans wearing it. The name may be Guardian, but I think people still say Indian. Will. “


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