Clocks Kalan is no longer “morally wrong” in a bill that has just passed the Texas Senate.

I vividly remembered in my little racist middle school that a student was allowed to speak on the benefits of KKK. He focused on an incident where clansmen were looking at the southern border to catch migrants, which he said had in fact helped black people. It was awesome, but there was no minority in my classroom to hear it. When we complained, we were told to stop. It bothered me for a long time, but I kept telling myself it was the early 80’s. Things are better now, right?

I wonder if this little job has grown to become a member of Texas.

When the latest bill was passed, the lieutenant governor said it would ensure that the important race theory was not taught in Texas. However, tHe has removed almost all mention of color and women in the bill passed by the Senate, on the condition that white supremacists and groups like him who support him are morally wrong.

This is not about critical race theory, which it does Don’t teach that America is bad. These are legislative efforts Absolutely nothing Doing so with a refusal to teach Consequences of slavery and racism in American history. Instead, racist lawmakers are using the 1619 project as an excuse to clean up the mess. All civil rights and women’s curriculum Outside the classroom, and in schools, turn the clock back to pre-civil rights.

This is madness, racism, and just wrong. For now, the only thing that can stop this law from becoming law is the fact that many brave Texas Democrats went to Washington to defend their citizen’s right to vote. None of these terrible bills can become law without a quorum. Unfortunately, this is only a matter of time before they return.

All we can do at this point is to call these racist members over and over again. And help make Texas blue in ’22!

Author: Meczyki

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