Cofece alerta posibles riesgos in matter of competence for accord that blind works

The Federal Commission for Economic Competence (Cofece) advirtió possible risks in matters of competence and free competition derivatives of the agreement by which public interest is considered and National Security Projects and Works of the Federal Government, published in the Official Diary of the Federation on November 22nd.

The signaling organism that the acuerdo otorga trato preferencial in a wide range of projects under the Federal Governor that, in accordance with the same law, caliphic as public interest and national security.

The previous one, in reason of that instruct to the dependencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration – in a manner inconsistent with the applicable laws in various matters– to obtain a provisional authorization of 12 months in relation to the dictatorships, permits or licenses necessary for its implementation in a Maximum Plaza of 5 days.

In case of not being issued, aggregate, establish as a consequence the affirmative action, since in all these cases it is fully justified in considerations of risk to national security or the public interest.

“Esto podria otorgar asymmetrical and preferred respect for public and private projects, proposing the compliment of traumas and requisites established as a function of risks ”, warns the Cofece.

It is clear that the agreement, in accordance with this agreement, is a project declaring public interest and national security, does not imply that the related agreements are encroached upon as an exception to the tender, in accordance with various articles of the Leicuice Sector Public Works and Related Services with the same.

In any case, deberia privilege the use of the public tender finally, the State is in a position to consider the best terms of contract, considered in a communication.

Estimó que las Exceptions apply to specific and delimited cases, where there is a clear rationality of duty, risk or alteration to public safety in accordance with applicable normativeness.

La Cofece reaffirms its vigilant mantenerse compromise on public or private acts that can affect the competency conditions in the efficient operation of markets and the detriment of consumer consumption.



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