Cohen criticizes the “unproductive” Matt Hatters during the decline.

NEW YORK (AP) – New Mets owner Steven Cohen has criticized his team after their fifth-worst loss of the season, part of which looks like the late Yankees owner George Stan Berner.

A day after the 3-2 defeat in San Francisco, Cohen tweeted Wednesday, “It’s hard to understand how professionals can be so unproductive.” “The best teams have more discipline. Slugging and OPS numbers don’t lie.

New York, which Cohen bought last off-season, was in full possession of the NL East Lead from May 9 to August 6.

They made their third start Wednesday in the NL East, 4 1/2 games behind Atlanta and two games behind Philadelphia. He was 6 1/2 games back for another NL Wild Card.

What Jacob de Groom has said to the team since July 7 is the hardness of the right arm.

New York has hit .232 in its last 13 games, is ranked 24th out of 30 teams, with a .656 OPS that is ranked 26th.

The Mets’ 450 runs are 28th this season, just ahead of Texas (446) and Pittsburgh (431).


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