Colombia, la esperanza venció al miedo – Meczyki

Federal Federal for the LXIV Legislature

Colombia meets the mouse and, thanks to the amazing images that we see in the calles and plazas of this hermeneutic nación, the hijo with the poderosa elegr quea that characterizes our nouveau riches in the horoscope.

The guerrilla succeeds against the progressive candidacy, which does not appear to be directly aggravated against its simplifications, it is not difficult to keep the determination of a certain determination to destroy the friends of their destiny, like the love of the United States of America.

From the other side of the aisle, we have a lot of cares to overcome the problems of regression: the desirability, the fear and the violence that empowers millions to emigrate, the violence that destroys a model of fear.

The fallacy of the projector – because of the odor of the odor and the negativity of not having a projecto– the sector most interesting of the day revive the discourse of Guerra Fría and alert, tracing the historical triumph of Gustavo Petro am lazauna, about supuesta ola roja.

Trasnochada, kerante de ideas propias, la derecha latinoamericana se ve reflejada en los discursos de sus pares estadounidenses que, como el gobernador de Florida, Ron DeSantis, hablan de un “asalto al poder” –que la derecha de un “asalto al ”–Que la sócure clarodoocde. – y la “expansión del marxismo”.

Petro and his remarkable compañera of formulas, Francia Márquez, took the vote much higher in the history of Colombian electoral (more than 11 million sufragios, which represents more than the number of the hopes). A data that is desirable is that there are new electoires who will kill the three, it decides, people who do not solve the fires, they exclude forever. For this reason, they have been told to process “the rebellion of the nadis”.

Petro was impressed by a candid neo-fascist, Rodolfo Hernández, who received the response from the elite racists and clans of his country, always obeying the fall of Lucha against the narcissistic design in Washington.

The fairy tale in the plazas and the hogs. Colombian celebrities celebrate a victory that is taking place since the popular insurer of 2019, as they encounter an electoral caucus in Petro’s candidacy.

The presidency, without embargo, commenced the long-distance reconciliation of a part of the far-flung state that has been settled in distant origins.

The social justification and respect for human beings will surely be safe from the fugue of the guerrillas for the sake of the facts, empowered in maintaining their privileges and preserving a model that is the essence of the natural language. Derechos a las mayías.

We live a moment of history in Latin America. The mapa regional is always new to the progressives. Each side has its own specifications, its own proprietary properties. But in this case, the feudal coincidence that permitted a new Latin American protagonist was allowed.

This is not the only difference between the patriarchal grandeur of Latinomericano sino, in the realist terminus, the fortifications of the fortifications of the distant mechanisms of cooperation that, like the Celac, fortify the ports of the regalia of the regalia .

With the victory of Petro, we hack a Latin America America more democratic, more equitable and also more compatible with the ambitious defense.

An additional motivation is the idea that Petro must have been composing a formula for a young afrodescendient, Francia Márquez, the new vice president of Colombia. With that in mind, it is safe to assume that an impulse has been made public to translate public politics, which contributes to the development of sectors historically exclusive and invaluable.

On the other hand, many good news notices for Colombia that the son has also entered the region, but the triune of Petro and Márquez abreast the power of the Latin American agenda that has the center in the center of the mayors.