Colombia practices its first death without any disease.

Mexico City.

M.Artha Ceplovida will become the first Colombian woman to die tomorrow at 7:00 pm (local time) without suffering a terminal illness.

When she was diagnosed in 2018 with an incurable disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Saploida decided to commit suicide, but faced a difficult legal process.

My mother is calm and happy because she told her she could die because her life is literally hell.

After receiving the order, Martha, 51, told Caracol TV: “I’m lucky. I laugh more, sleep more comfortably.”

According to Federico, her mother is a woman who, because of her good humor, always looks for the positive in things. In fact, when he got the news of his illness, his reaction was to laugh, he said: Look, I have this disease and I will die in three years. But he said in a very funny way, very funny, making jokes. My mother has always been a very open person to death. He has always said: ‘I’m not afraid to leave, but the way I’m going.’

In Colombia, death was outlawed in 1997, but became law in 2015. Since then, 157 procedures have been performed. However, this was the year when the Supreme Court granted an honorable death sentence “to those who are suffering from severe physical or mental distress, due to an incurable injury or illness.”

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