Colombia Sierra Los Uranus e Anisia Contio de Balotage presidency

Bogota.- The Electoral Authorities of Colombia will bring down the urnas at 16:00 hours (2100 GMT) to reduce the demand for votes in the second day of the presidential election in which the country will try to settle the dispute between the two countries. Conditions: The Gustavo Petro and the magnate of the great races Rodolfo Hernández.

The registration will allow the results to be eliminated from the elevation with constant updates. Sin ban, the election will declare the secret of the securities that have valid juridical values ​​and with which the verification and consolidation of your vote will be granted.

Since the adoption of the vote, the current President Conservator Iván Duque invites the Colombians to vote or confess in the institutions “with his confession in the veil of Pueblo”. The goblins have given him information about the possible manifestations of the Cierre de las urnas ay rechazó de antemano qualquier act de Violetia.

To save your vote, Petro invites you to enter into a fraudulent attempt to get rid of it, without having to worry, that some of the votes will be entered into the transaction at the time of entry. irian por el cambio “.

During the campaign, Petro took care of the registration, guaranteed the legitimacy of the elections, and advertised that the votes would be accepted if there were no results.

The words of Petro have been suggested to enter into something like Gabriel Escobar, a 65-year-old pensioner, who helped him against Petro.

“If this was Petro Pierre, he would have an armor revolving like always … ojalá no vaya a suceder nada grave”, said The Associated Press luego de sufragar en el norte de Bogotá. Find out that the country doesn’t need a rumbo, but one that doesn’t “go away”. Assuming that the magnet Hernández is convincing with its proprietary anticorruption and the possibility of “establishing economics in the country”.

The encumbrances to Petro and the adventures of Hernández amb practically empathized with the fact that there were other candidates in the May of the Inquisition at the end of the day la were not successful.

Of the 39 million people who are eligible to vote in the third most populous country in Latin America, the abstractions have been reduced to 40% in all presidential elections since 1990.

This “change” that prompts encarnar not convenes everyone. Natalie Amezquita, from 26 August, decided to leave you blank, even though the ballots did not have really effective reels, which would have made it much simpler. “Ninguno de los dos candidatos me gustan, más allá de las ideas, la forma de ser de una persona va a afectar en cómo van a gobernar … necesito sentirme bien con mi conciencia”, dijo la civil engineer a AP.

The Colombians are voting in the middle of the general discourse for the augmentation of desilation, the inflection and the violence. The adjustment for the país of the country is that in the first place the vultures die because of the spells of the centristas and the politicians of Siemper and allow them to follow two political lines.

Petro, a 62-year-old senator, is on his third presidential campaign. A victory of Petro Pondría to the prolonged marginaci den de la ezquierda por part de los votantes debido a su associación percibida con el conflicto armado de la nación. Petro was a veteran of the Ahora desperate movement of the M-19 and since the concession amnesty trace the firm’s unacquainted position with the Establishment in 1991.

Petro has proposed reforms of pensioners, impuestos, salud and agriculturists, and changes in the form that Colombia lucha against the drug cartels and other armed groups. Considering the 40% of your votes in the past and Hernandez of 28%, but the differences are increasing rapidly when Hernandez comes to know about your antipetrist.

Petro was able to convert the ultimate political victory of the Equator in Latin America to the fate of his constituents. Chile, Peru and Honduras eligible presidents to be elected in 2021, and in Brazil the late Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva led the inquiries for the next presidential election.

In fact, Hernández, 77 years old, who had his fortunes in races, is not affiliated with any important political party and has received the attention of aliens. This campaign, mainly based on TikTok and other social media platforms, was self-explanatory.

Sus propuses se basan en la lucha contra la corrupción, a la que culpa de la pobreza y la pérdida de recursos del Estado que podrín destinarse a programs socialis. To reduce the goblins of the goblet eliminating the various embodiments and prescriptions of presidencies, convert the prescriptive palate into a muse and reduce the use of the floating avionics of the executive.

Hernández resurgós the final of the first round of the campaign, appearing for the most contested candidates and appearing at the end of the season. If there are controversies, how to say that Admiral Hitler and Luigo discourage him from referring to Albert Einstein.

Silvia Otero Bahamón, Professor of Politics of the University of Rosario, says that even the most popular candidates are “based on an ideology based on corruption and ill-gotten gains”.

“Petro has a relationship with the pobres, the minorities and cultures of the region more than the nación, because by now he has held talks and invited to participate in democracy”, explained Otero. We think that the word of Hernández is more important, because the people who have been defrauded by politics and corruption. This is a very simple thing, because the candidacy goes directly to the social networks. ”

We find that the great Colombians of Cree, who are in the country and in the exact equivalent and desirable of President Duque, who are not elegant to seek releasures. The pandemic retracts the esophageal sphincter against the pelvis of the pelvis in one of the menus. Of course, the official said that 39% of the Colombians living with men of 89 dollars for more than a quarter of a million dollars, a very high respect of 42.5% in 2020.

The change that has taken place since the traditional presidential politics has left tensions in others in this country is conservative, and at most Roman Catholicism. Much of it will be decided on what you do not want, but it will be what you want.

“Much gente dice ‘no me importa quién esté en contra de Petro, voy a votar por quien represente o otro candidato, sin importar quién sea esa persona'”, said Silvana Amaya, senior analyst at the firm Control Risks. “It’s also fun to revisit. Rodolfo is just like any other person, genius of communication and the extracurricular character that some say ‘I don’t care about who you are, but I don’t want my president’.”

Even though there are many difficulties to comply with its promises or that Ninguno has a mayor in the congress, the quail is clave to deliver the cabo las reforms.

In recent legislative elections, the political movement of Petro obtuvo 20 escaños en el senado, una mayoría relativa, pero aún tendría que hacer concessions en las negociaciones con otros partis. The political movement of Hernández only had two congressmen in the camera of the representatives, because he also tendered to look with the legislators, and who would have brought up the issue of “reiteration”.