Colombia vota hoy, entre la phobia y el miedo – Meczyki

Bogotá.- The Colombian democratization institutes have a long way to go in the middle of the day: Accept the three trials that have resulted in the election of this day, in a very polarized way: with Petro or contra Petro.

The sumo of the populist without partisan ideals, Rodolfo Hernández, and Federico Gutiérrez, will give you the upper hand. The corner of the colombre. izquierdista Gustavo Petro.

The answer Gutiérrez obtuvo en la primera vuelta el 24 por ciento de los votos, y hernendez el 28. Eso da un 52 por ciento. Petrochemical is 40 percent.

Not with the 100 because of the fact that all of your candidacies were eliminated in the first round, the petrochemical Petro to win.

But, the abstractions of the first vulture can change the ecclesiastical, empowering the Colombian democracy in vilo: the institutions tend to reconcile a petro like a petro, a petro.

El Miedo a Petro se sustenta en phobias añejas and the legal concepts, fundamentally economical, of the concoction with the recombination in this:

  • The project of reforming the pension regime, could bring about the appropriateness of the diners of the auroras to use in social programs, which is popular in the plato corto and the queer of the goblins as seamlessly.
  • Economic crisis to suspend the petroleum exploration to change the energized limps (in reality, the plant Petro is a transition of 14 años, de energías fossils a verdes).
  • In the equation of Gustavo Petro there are figures of political class, symbols of corruption and pro-chavistas (Armando Benedetti and Piedad Córdova).
  • It serves the status of public services that operate in the private sector, and regulates the use of inefficiency and corruption.
  • Petro fomenta an ambiente de lucha de classes, con hostilidad al sector privado de la economía.
  • The candidacy of Suzelle H hablar is the third persona, of course per social and, sosthenen quenes lo rechazan, divide a las people entre quenes están con él y los que están contra él.

Rodolfo Hernandez, L. “Anti-Petro” In this second case, it represents the sigiyeses rygos, but the recogido is three semas:

  • The vote in your favor is, well done, conscientious of what is an ignorant populist, not in the cabeza, frívolo and authoritarian.
  • To comment on my dad hack the engineer Hernández with friends of Boregot Illustration of Bogotá, saying that “we take care of you”. “The engineer told me that I don’t know much about things and that I don’t care.” But, while we were there, he would not let me know when he was taking the presidency, salvo that deliberately delegates the mando.
  • Como to all those who take the presidency with profundity vacuos in its formation, if they do not know that they are preparing. The two months on the sila ya creen saberlo todo. Like the persona of Moliere (is it Shakespeare?), Which hincha pecho cuando se entera que él habla en prosa.
  • Rodolfo Hernández es, lisa y llanamente, un payaso.
  • Sussexors will not recommend the boca in the second campaign of Vuelta, because of this barbarism. And if this is not the case, it is because of the money.
  • He went to Miami in this campaign, to avoid encounters with the prince and not a debate with Gustavo Petro.
  • The latest appearances of the engineer from 77 August, the festival in a yate with the young veterans in their state of Miami. This is acceptable in public without public responses, but from the seasons that are in the cabinet to the possible president.
  • United States Congressmen are investigating the origins of its resources to investigate, in Miami, find departures and build a house in Fort Lauderdale. The society is possible because of the contradictory data (when it was alkaline from Bucaramanga) to the Vitalogic Empire to reconsider and manage the basra, the one that is still there.
  • The offer is as popular as insolvency: sale of aviator, market sueldos, austeridad draconiana, hacker de la casa presidencial un museo, y con lohorrado en corruptionisan t corruplr los the problems of Colombia.
  • La ley, ha dicho, “me la paso por el cu ..”
  • If Hernández Gana, Colombia enters the toboggan of social stereotypes because the demand from the petro of the votro and his proprietors is for the cambio, and not habrá.
  • De gunar, Colombia has been selected by Abdalá BucharamAquel President Ecuadorian who gave the Congress because it was loco.