Colorado River water shortage announced, causing severe water shortages in the state

with. New water shortage announcement, The first round of rations begins. Arizona will see one. 18% reduction. In next year’s allocation, which will mainly affect farmers in Central Arizona. Farmers will have to either let the fields fall or get the water out of the already depleted waters. Nevada’s water distribution will be reduced by 7%.

California won’t be affected by this cut, but that doesn’t mean the state isn’t already in serious shape. The majority of the state relies on winter snow packs for its water, and that ice packs were barely available last winter. There is a severe drought. Increase in state agriculture.

Overall, the Southwestern United States is in a mega-draft that has not been seen since the previous version. Erased the prosperous civilizations of the region.. The key difference between this historic drought and its aftermath is that it is caused by man-made changes in the environment. These changes are likely to turn the current mega-draft into a permanent feature of Western states.

The cost of infrastructure to prevent pipes from drying out in towns and cities in the region will be staggering. Given the rate at which the climate is changing, there is no guarantee that this can be done before some of these water systems collapse.

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