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Boss Friend Leeds United Target No Lang

What’s the matter

Club Bruges for Fast Boss is a friend Opened up On Target of Leeds United Nova Lang admits that she has talked further about her future. He defended Wenger, saying he was a “very good man” and did not deserve the criticism he received for his behavior.

He told Current Van West – Velanderin, Via InsideFutbol:

“New players always come. We sometimes talk about the future. Noa is open to that. He has a lot of respect for older players. Sometimes he asks things. It’s a lot about Noa. Good.

“Sometimes he is criticized from the outside for his behavior.

“But I work with him every day and I can say, he’s a really good man.

“Of course he will have to decide for himself which way to go.”

Should Leeds sign Lang?





Bella will love it

Leeds chief Victor Orta will have to approve a deal to sign Lang this summer as he could be a huge addition to the team and the friend’s comments suggest he has the attitude needed to succeed. ۔ Nevertheless, as the friend has said, suggesting noise from outside, Lang is apparently a good man and that means he can fit well on Eland Road and as a player his Wants to work hard to make you better

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowded rally in Belgium 16 goals and seven assists The move from Ajax in 26 starts for the club. It was average WHScored rating of 7.31, During making 1.8 Possibilities of every game for his teammates.

Talking about his teammates, Bruges forward Cyril Desser recently praised Lang and praised him as one of Belgium’s best players, calling him an honorable footballer. he said“He is well prepared for the Premier League. He was fantastic last season. Then it makes sense that the next step is. I would love to see him in the Champions League with Club Brugge, but he has shown that he One of the best footballers in Belgium.

He said that he is a good footballer, but he also works hard. I often sat on the bench, so I could keep an eye on it there. But the way he works, I didn’t know he was in it. He really. Has taken a step. Interest doesn’t come from anywhere. I know how Leeds works.

8. 19.8m rating Money, therefore, would be a player would like to work with Belsa. He has already shown that he can consistently excel in Belgium, scoring goals and scoring often, and the Argentine coach will be happy to have a player of his caliber in his squad. Beelza will continue to help him on the training pitch so that he can develop into a player who can lead to success in the Premier League.

Rafinha was the only Leeds player to manage More key passes in the game Compared to Lang only last season Patrick Bamford scored more goals. This suggests that the Dutchman will be a smart addition to the attacking ranks as he can meet the overall quality of the squad.

And in other news, Big update “explosive” emerges on 15m dynamo, Leeds fans will surely be gutted

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