Common valleys with a surprising addition to bedroom rentals

When it comes to looking for somewhere to rent one that offers some bonus features, it can sometimes be difficult to find exactly what you want for the budget in your bank. Is there enough space? Does he have a nice garden? Are there many facilities?

Standing outside this end of the terrace house near Neath, it looks clean, and is an entirely traditional valley dwelling, somewhere that costs £550 per calendar month to walk through the surrounding mountains and into the village centre. Might be worthwhile to rent from the cost. way.

Further out but easily accessible are the towns of Neath and Port Talbot, and the beautiful beaches of Swansea and the Gower Peninsula are both a day trip away.

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Considering what this home can offer, in addition to location, there are many surprises that are not indicated up front, but some of them can be guessed if you take your Sherlock Holmes deer chase. Put on the cap and check.

From the road in front, at the end of the terrace, you can have a panoramic view over the railing into the valley to the opposite hill. There is woodland that hugs the slopes and rows of terraces ascend the landscape at jaunty angles.

So the back of the house is definitely going to share this view and it’s a bonus if it’s important to you to see more than the neighbors’ back garden or front facade in a rented house. If so, you’ll be happy to see that this perhaps unexpected panoramic view from all the rear windows is an added bonus for this home.

The view is even more mesmerizing from the expansive rear garden, which in itself is a wonderful and not always available bonus for a rented house.

Not clear from the front of the house – a big garden even bigger, amazing view
(Image: Peter Allen Estate Agent)

Sitting in the garden courtyard, the view is breath-taking and expansive; It wouldn’t be hard to sit here every day, depending on the season, and immerse yourself in all of its most charming amenities in this apparently well-loved home.

If you’ve been into the garden and haven’t yet realized what it can offer in terms of space, look above and you’ll see that the stories of the dwelling are not clear from the standard front of the house.

From the front, it looks like a standard two-storey house but the advantage of living in a house on the hill is not just offering amazing views but the possibility of an additional, hidden, lower ground floor.

Three Bed End Terrace In Abergwynfi For £550Pcm Rent With Peter Allen One Bedroom With An Additional Toilet
three bedrooms on the top floor
(Image: Peter Allen Estate Agent)

So if space is at the top of your list for your next rental home, this home with hidden bonuses can also offer three floors, three bedrooms, an attic space for storage, and a garage.

The three floors are a great find, but with only one bathroom that might present a bit of a problem for top-floor bedroom occupants – two flights of stairs in the middle of the night when you’re half asleep.

The answer to this dilemma is an unusual addition to the master bedroom at the back of the property – a toilet is installed in the corner. This may not be the answer to the convenience challenge for everyone, but it means no more tripping up the stairs late at night.

Three Bed End Terrace In Abergwynfi For £550Pcm Rent With Peter Allen One Bedroom With An Additional Toilet
Resolving the lack of amenities on the upper floors
(Image: Peter Allen Estate Agent)
Three Bed End Terrace In Abergwynfi For £550Pcm Rent With Peter Allen One Bedroom With An Additional Toilet
interesting view straight from the pillow
(Image: Peter Allen Estate Agent)

Maybe some people convert the smallest bedrooms into a bathroom on the top floor, this was their home they bought and not a rented house, but it was the value of the house going from a three bed to a two bed property right away. will reduce it.

Even if the toilet isn’t used, it’s good to know that a trek to the lower ground floor isn’t the only option and could be the perfect solution for a family or someone who needs stairs. Many of the flights seem to be problematic.

Three Bed End Terrace In Abergwynfi For £550Pcm Rent With Peter Allen One Bedroom With An Additional Toilet
The two reception rooms are crammed into one, sociable space
(Image: Peter Allen Estate Agent)

The ground floor continues the theme of unexpected space, with the two reception rooms already combined into one very light and very accommodating space that combines multiple sofas, heaps of wall space for artwork and shelving, and one for housework. Can welcome space for a desk. if required.

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Up to the lower ground floor and here is where the main bathroom facilities meet, with a three-piece shower room and an additional, separate cloakroom.

Again this is handy for families, as the two separate rooms means two separate, simultaneous activities can take place – certainly a bonus during the morning rush.

Three Bed End Terrace In Abergwynfi For £550Pcm Rent With Peter Allen One Bedroom With An Additional Toilet
Access and view of the lower ground floor kitchen dining and that awesome garden
(Image: Peter Allen Estate Agent)
Three Bed End Terrace In Abergwynfi For £550Pcm Rent With Peter Allen One Bedroom With An Additional Toilet
On the ground floor there is an additional, separate cloakroom along with a shower room
(Image: Peter Allen Estate Agent)

The kitchen diner looks out over the garden and, again, has a generous size and another place for people to gather around the kitchen table and share a meal, of course to drink in those refreshing views over the garden. Before moving out and be very satisfied that they live in a house with so many bonus surprises that add to the quality of life.

The house in Abergywnfi is for rent with Peter Allen for £550 per calendar month, to learn more contact the Lettings team at the Maesteg branch on 01656 736136. And don’t miss the best dream homes, renovation stories and interiors in Meczyki, join the Amazing Welsh Homes newsletter sent twice a week to your inbox.

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