Con Air – The criminals who thought they could escape the UK and escape justice.

The sun, the sea and the suspected fugitives – these are the criminals who thought they could escape the country and escape justice. It is not uncommon for the bully to go as far as possible to avoid being caught after committing a serious crime.

In some cases involving boarding a plane and traveling to a completely different nation. In such cases, the police investigation could be delayed for years and the victims and their families could be left in seemingly never-ending organs that are unable to move forward.

But in many cases fugitives return only in handcuffs to be taken out of the airport. Did he really think that the police would forget him and move on, or did he boldly believe that he could easily slip under the radar?

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We’ve collected some of the cases we’ve covered this year where the suspects have left the country – or at least tried – just to get caught under the line. Scroll through the list below.

Shire Elmi and Abdul Rahman Yusuf

Shire Elmi and Abdul Rahman Yusuf

Shire Elmi and Abdul Rahman Yusuf were part of the group that assassinated Abdul Rahman Abu Bakr at the start of Ramadan in May 2018 while leaving a barbecue. A shotgun while riding a quad bike at Stratford Place, Highgate.

Elmi and Abdul Rahman, along with three others, were in a convoy of three cars at gunpoint. He was described as a “secondary party” to the shooter, who is still thought to have escaped.

Two of the vehicles involved were later set on fire, while the third could not be traced. Yousef flew from Albert Road, Austin, UK in his 20s but was arrested at Stansted Airport on his return in August 2020. Germany, but Elmi was arrested two days later in Glasgow.

Both were sentenced to at least 25 years in prison after being convicted of murder, arson and disorderly conduct. Full story here

Ian Field House

Ian Field House
Ian Field House
(Photo: WMP)

Ian Fieldhouse not only fled to Dubai but continued to break the law after being arrested in Wolverhampton for trying to drag a woman out of his car. He is said to have been arrested after driving on a tram lane in the United Arab Emirates.

Earlier, the convicted robber tried to pull a heavy pregnant woman out of his car by posing as a police officer. Fieldhouse, in the 1930’s, used to light the lights of his van on the hunt, which he followed to a stop in Wolverhampton.

She claimed to be an off-duty officer and was speeding before attempting to rip her off her car. In the world of fear, his driver’s door was still open.

Real police then hunted down a field house in Hurstbourne Crescent, Wolverhampton Hampton, which doubled the speed limit, turned on the red light and drove into the oncoming traffic before they could reach it. Try to fail. He confessed to dangerous driving and assault. Field House was sentenced to 15 months in prison. Full story here

Muhammad Shooters

Muhammad Schwitters Sex Offender
Muhammad Shooters
(Photo: WMP)

Muhammad Schweiters fled the country to Canada in 2017 after being arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing a girl. West Midlands Police spent three years searching for him, and after using him in a mechanic’s workshop in Toronto, they were able to locate his mobile number and bank account.

Schwitters, from Small Heath in his 50s and earlier, spent almost a year in Canadian custody and was attacked by a fellow inmate who discovered the nature of the charges against him. He was eventually extradited in August 2021 and pleaded guilty to ten counts, including multiple counts of child sexual abuse, attempted rape and assault.

He was sentenced to 18 years in prison in March this year after a court heard he had sexually assaulted his victim for seven years. Full story here

Thomas Kavanagh and Gary Vickery

Thomas Kavanagh And Gary Vickery
Thomas Kavanagh and Gary Vickery

Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh and his brother-in-law Gary Vickery were part of a £ 30 million cocaine and cannabis smuggling empire. Kavanagh, in his 50’s, who lived in a bulletproof mansion in Tamworth, led the operation and was dubbed “Guffer.”

The Irishman is also said to be a high-ranking member of the ‘Kanahan’ organized crime cartel in his homeland. He was finally arrested at Birmingham Airport on his return to the country in January 2019.

Vickery, aged 39, was “immediately down” from Kavanagh, at the time of sentencing and from Solihull. He had to be extradited from Lanzarote. Both confessed to importing Class A and B drugs as well as money laundering conspiracy. Kavanagh was sentenced to 21 years in prison and Vakiri to 20 years in prison.

Daniel Canning, in his 40’s, and Solihole, who was also the brother-in-law of Kavanagh, were under Vickery in the operation. He confessed to possessing firearms and ammunition along with the same crimes. Canning was sentenced to 19 years in prison. Full story here

Lover of discussion

Lover Of Discussion
Lover of discussion
(Image: WMP / SWNS)

Mohib Tashrat was arrested at Birmingham Airport on his way to Islamabad when he was involved in the violent revenge killing of Bashir Muhammad. The victim was stabbed to death in Ladywood in April last year after chasing a car.

Shortly before the attack, Mr Mohammed was believed to have been involved in a shootout with a shotgun at a house in Spark Brook, the front door of which was also set on fire. Police believe the incident itself was in retaliation for a car being driven over a sweet shop last year.

A court has heard that Mr Mohammed looted an Audi at gunpoint during his escape, which was killed while pursuing his killers. Wenlock Road, Handsworth, was one of three people who confessed to the massacre in the 20’s after failing to reach a jury verdict after a four-month trial. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Full story here

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