Connor McGregor is followed by a crowded street as he walks into Rome with de Devlin.

Connor McGregor. Today he is one of the most famous players in the world. Wherever the ‘infamous’ goes, people gather in crowds to catch a glimpse of the Irishman.

McGregor recently uploaded a post to his Instagram account where he can be seen walking the streets of Rome with his longtime partner. D. Devlin.. In the video, the former two-division UFC champion is surrounded by a crowded street. Crowds followed him through the Italian capital.

You can take a look at the crazy video below:

In the caption, McGregor shares his feelings about his visit to Italy.

It was great to see Italy and especially Rome on its feet strong and vibrant and full of energy and Italian silk on the skin, is it butter, isn’t it McGregor and Italian.

Teddy Atlas believes it will be difficult for Connor McGregor to compete at the highest level in the MMA

Boxing coach Teddy Atlas recently sat down for an interview with Submission Radio.

At one point during the conversation, Atlas said he was not convinced Connor McGregor would achieve the same level of success when he returned to action.

“Physically, as a fighter, I don’t think he can maintain the level of effort and success and achievement that he endured three, four or five years ago … because now it’s a different Race is different. [fighters] Which he is facing. He is not facing boys who can only go in and be caught with that left hand … so it will be difficult. “

Watch Teddy Atlas’ full interview with the submission radio below:

Connor McGregor was last seen at Octagon Dustin Poirier. In his three-way fight at UFC 264, he broke his left leg in the final seconds of the first round.

Due to the doctor’s absence, Poirier was declared the winner by TKO. The defeat dealt McGregor a second blow against The Diamond this year.


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