Conoce to Fernando Colunga, the metal band of Serbia who pays homage to actors

Sin duda alguna, Fernando Colunga is one of the most sought after actors in Mexican telenovelas in Mexico; but his talent in solo is admired in Aztec tier, also known in Europe, to the extent that a metal band from Serbia decided to honor the story.

If treated Fernando Colunga ultimate experience simply FCUE, a band born in 2010 that toca un generaer ella misma ha nombrado como Death’n’Roll.

Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience comes original as a proyecto grindcore, parody of the Mexican telenovelas that are popularizing in Serbia.

Between his songs he encounters “La Usurpadora”, “Colunilingus” y “Fernando Colunga is Chuck Norris from the Mexican soap operas”, la cual dice en su lettra que el mexicano es “el alfa y el omega, the principle and the final”.

Its ultimate launch is “A Lament for the Emerald”, Nombrada así in honor of the telenovela in the cual Fernando Colunga interpreted by José Armando Peñarreal.

FCUE is very active on Facebook and suele shares metal memes and telenovelas on español.



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