¿Cons’ ‘visible’? The first platform in Mexico to report discrimination against people LGBTQ +

¿Is vivido o atestiguado Violence discriminates against LGBTQ + people? ¡This is the moment of denuncier and no dejar que pase despecibido! #HazloVisible with the first platform to report events Pharma anónima In Mexico A continuation, you get access to the platform and how can the reporter.

¿Qué es visible?

Dead is the first Platform on the line that allows reporting Events d Violence and discrimination cometidos hacia las personas LGBTQ + In Mexico The platform is administered by Amicus, a non-organizational organization dedicated to promotion and defensa de los Derechos Humanos Established in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Who can report an event in death?

Anyone who has ever been victimized or tested for an event of discrimination or violence has become a person LGBTQ + in Mexico. The report will be confidential, secure and tampoco se rastreará la información Digital coin is perfect for denunciation. In this sense, to be a collaborative collaborative information producer can be utilized by any person, collectively in organizational freedom.

How can you deny the death of the platform without discrimination?

* First of all enter the following link:

* Click on the pesta “Reporter

* Debts will solve the problem that solves you.

In the digital formulation Respondents como: tu rango de edad, el sexo que te fue asignado al nacer, con que género te identificas, cuál es tu orientación sexual y cuál es tu expression género.

Posteriorly introducer information corresponding to events that are reporting what is happening The day that ocurrió hasta la ubicación exact lugar (if it is possible) that the platform is calculated with a measure to make the exact form exactly the same as the abusive.

Despué se te solicitará get information from your agrosor And then there was the form in which it was effective (verbally, psychologically, physically, sexually, among others).

Before you send your report, confirm that you accept the terminals and conditions of the platform. One will see that your acceptance of the report will be envied and you will find a list of organizations that can help you, acknowledge the status quo that you realize your denunciation, as if it were a list commissions and suggestions a new national.

It is important to know that the list does not only have the number of groups, but it also has the number Number of contacts, corrects and social messages to be able to communicate through various mediums. The idea of ​​integration into the victim is consistency, accuracy, psychiatric canalization, jurisprudence and medicine in cases of discrimination, violations, and reunion with the orientation.

Tu denuncia contribuirá a Visualize the problems To be able to measure and improve, with which we can build a better reality for the community LGBTQ + in Mexico.

Visiting Visible is important because it allows us to communicate with people with LGBTQ + in Mexico, which is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon y razón por la cual tampoco existen leyes efectivas para ayudarlos.

However, the problem exists, but only in what we will report from 2022 193 denuncias a nivel nacional, received with data published by Visible de 193 denuncias reported 57 per month to the City of Mexico; 31 al Estado de Mexico; 29 Beta de Jalsko 14 de Guanajuato; 11 de Puebla; 4D Hydalgo; 4 de Nevo Leon; 4D Querétaro 4D tamilipas; 4D Yucatan; 4D Chiapas; 4D Veracruz; 4D Chihuahua 3 de San Luis Potosí, 3 de Oaxaca; 2D Baja California Del Pig 2D Tabasco; 2 de Tlaxcala; 2D Kohville; 1 de Michoacán 1 de Sinaloa; 1 de Morelos; 1 de Quintana Roo and 1 de Nayarit.

NL Marco Dale mes del Orgullo LGBTQ + It is important to note that if the person sums up, then the abusers will be able to see the retos and the ones that are present at the person and only if they can solve the problem.