Contains oil spill damage, claims.

Huntington Beach, California.

When an oil slick was discovered off the coast of Southern California, environmentalists expressed the worst fears: a massive outbreak that would destroy the ecosystem.

A week later, the area and its famous beaches have survived a potentially catastrophic catastrophe, although the long-term effects on plants and animals are unclear.

The Coast Guard estimates that a pipeline leak dumped at least 95,000 liters of crude oil off the coast of Orange County.

“Based on what we’re seeing, this is a milder effect than expected in the worst spill conditions,” said Christian Corbo, California Fish and Wildlife Lieutenant. “We expect less impact on the coast, less impact on the animals based on this lower threshold.”

On the night of October 1, a light oil presence was reported at sea. But it was not until the next morning that authorities confirmed the spread. The Coast Guard is investigating whether the ship’s anchor could snatch, bend and break the Houston-based Amplify Energy Corporation-owned pipeline, allowing crude oil to sail from its three platforms. Flows in a refinery located on.

Environmentalists say the situation is alarming and they fear long-term effects on wetlands and marine life. The ingredients in crude oil can stay below sea level and infect the microorganisms that feed on fish, which in turn are part of the food chain of birds, marine mammals and humans.

When spread at sea, birds are often affected because oil sticks to their wings, causing them to cool. In five days, 10 oil-stained birds were found dead, and another 25 were rescued and taken to a wildlife center for treatment. According to the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, the last group consisted of seven samples of white plover, an endangered species.


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