Coolera/Strandhill beat six-in-a-row league holders Tourlestrain to claim Div 1 honors

Fury coaches Senior Football League Div 1 Final

OOLERA/Strandhill celebrate after a powerful performance at Markiewicz Park this evening in which they defeated Tourlestrain, the current league and championship holders, 1-16 0-8.

Fergal O’Donnell’s South Sligo side have won the Div 1 title every year since 2015 and the same outfits also secured a sixth consecutive title with Tourlestrain in last year’s championship final.

However, this evening Coolera/Strandhill impressed captain and talisman Niall Murphy 1-10 to guide his side to victory and put a marker down ahead of next weekend’s championship.

He started the game brilliantly despite Tourlestrain not having many key players playing in the air.

Conor Burke’s two points in the second and 7th minutes set them up, and scores from Murphy (2) and Aaron O’Boyle saw them lead 0-5 in the middle of the half.

Peter Laffy was excellent in midfield for Coolera/Strandhill as Conor McDonagh was at full-back.

Goal prospects then began to appear, with Ross Doherty and Murphy joining up with the excellent Leo Doherty, who had his effort saved brilliantly by Adam Broe in the Tourlestrain net, the goalkeeper also saving for the second time.

Moments later, Doherty had another goal opportunity, which Broe saved again in 10 minutes as Tourlestrain was finding it difficult to secure their opening score.

Liam Gaughan responded with a fine score in 15 minutes with Ross Doherty at the other end.

Egan added another for Tourlestrain who was four points behind on 20 minutes.

Tourlestrain then had a chance to score, with Cathal Henry finding hardworking Brian Egan, whose shot hit the crossbar at 21 minutes.

A Coulera/Strandhill goalkeeper’s mistake overturned Tourlestrain’s off the field and Gaughan added his second. A foul on Mark McDaniel ended Murphy’s slot and midfielder Kevin Banks won the kick-out and Murphy was again on target after a long-range pass from Banks.

Tourlestrain was reduced to 14 just before the interval, with James Leonard receiving a black card to visit Leo Doherty.

An Egan freed for the Tourlestrain saw four different sides at the brakes, from 0-8 to 0-4 in front of the cooler/strandhill.

A good move involving Kenny Gavigan and Conan Maren saw the latter point into 2 minutes of play, though Coolera/Strandhill responded with Murphy scoring a fine score from the game.

Egan, a foul on Ryan Kennedy, was doing the same for a Ross Doherty foul by Murphy.

Then, Coolera/Strandhill extended their lead with the only goal of the game. They reversed their opponents and Murphy finished brilliantly in the top left corner as they went 1-11 0-6 on 42 minutes.

Gaughan and Murphy sent over-placed deliveries with Gavigan adding another fine score for Tourlestrain, who needed to find the net.

He had a supreme chance in 48 minutes setting up Henry with captain Gary Gaughan, whose chance had just run out.

It was the same man who had a chance to score another goal in the 55th minute after Liam Gaughan’s fine performance again went narrowly wide.

Coolera/Strandhill finished strongly, excellent points from Murphy (2), Ross Doherty and substitute Ciaran Flynn, who punched in the air as they took the Div 1 title ahead of the championship, starting next weekend. Is.

Coolera/Strandhill; Gerard Murphy, Luke Brie, Conor McDonagh, Jonathan Cassidy, Sean Murphy, Ross O’Carroll, Leo Doherty, Kevin Banks, Peter Laffy, Aaron O’Boyle (0-1), Barry O’Mahony, Ross Doherty (0-2) ) ), Mark McDaniel, Niall Murphy (C) (1-10 3f 1m), Connor Burke (0-2).

options used; Cillian McCay, Ciaran Flynn (0-1), Doncha Beerne, Jarleth Herbert, Ben Cawley.

tourstrain; Adam Broe, JP Lang, Ronan Walsh, Barry Walsh, Oisin Kennedy, Kevin O’Hara, James Leonard, Conan Maren (0-1), Feidlim O’Donnell, Kenny Gavigan (0-1), Ryan Kennedy, Cathal Henry, Liam Gaughan (0-3 1f), Niall Egan, Brian Egan (0-3 2f).

options used; Gary Gaughan (c), Colin Neri.

referee; Michael Duffy.