Cork IAFC: Glenworth lose to St Nix in first round contest

Bon Secures County IAFC

St. Nix 4-8

Glenworth 1-13

The Cork County Club Championship got underway in Glanville on Thursday evening when St Knicks and Glanworth Bones clashed at Secours Intermediate A FC, with City scoring three goals in the first half for North Cork’s side as the winner.

In the opening half, the physically strong St Knicks set the pace with Andy Evans. Kenneth McCarthy/Code, Donagh Coughlan, Dean Brosnan and Ryan Long made their appearances with a throw in.

He began scoring in the third minute when Dean Brosnan kicked off, before scoring his first of four goals, when Robert Brosnan set up Ryan Long for a well-taken goal.

With limited possession in this half, Glenworth steadied the ship when Darragh O’Brien kicked two good points by the eighth minute. Yet it was St. Nix that was applying the most pressure.

Brilliant work from Scott Cronin resulted in Darragh Milner leading the winners 1-3 0-2 before Stephen O’Callaghan had a free kick in the 11th minute. Glenworth responded when Thomas Condon, Geer O’Neill, Ross Murphy and Emmett Sheehan combined well to set up Darragh O’Brien for his third point of the game.

The resulting kickout by St Nick’s keeper Eddie Fuller was won by Dave Paine of Glenworth, who in turn set up Gere O’Neill who kicked from long distance. At the other end St Nick’s Dean Brosnan added another point for his side and he was heavily involved with his second goal in the 19th minute when his delivery was ended in the net by Darragh Milner who made it 2- 4 to 0-4.

Further pressure saw City’s side move too close to the third goal two minutes later when Stephen O’Callaghan cut through the Glenworth defense but his effort went narrow over the crossbar for a point.

Glenworth kept in touch when Darragh O’Brien pointed. Both the teams scored late in the race for the break. St Nick looked on course to maintain a comfortable lead at the interval when James Morrissey and Dean Brosnan paired well to set up Robert Brosnan, who ended up in the net from a tight angle.

Glanworth responded in injury time when John O’Sullivan set up Darragh O’Brien, who was sent into the bottom corner of St Nick’s net as they trailed at the break at 3-5 to 1-5.

On the restart St Nick was quick to get the scoring when Dean Brosnan scored an early free that took a seven-point advantage. However, as Glanworth progressed to the halfway mark, Philip Blackburn gained a foothold in the proceedings with Sean Finn, Dave Payne, Darragh O’Brien, Sean Finn, Stephen Condon and Shane O’Riordan.

Shane O’Riordan had a point before coming too close to score the second goal in the 42nd minute when Shane O’Riordan and Ross Murphy combined well to set up Dave Paine, whose attempt at St. K was removed from the line by a defender at the cost of a ’45’ which Payne eventually converted.

The Avondhoo side were full of running at this level as they pressed hard on St Nick’s backline, with Sean Finn setting up a well off Dave Payne followed by a good point from Stephen Condon in the 46th minute Gone. Interesting ending when three points separated the teams from 3-6 to 1-9.

Ryan Long and Daragh O’Brien made a free trade over the next few minutes that certainly left it to play. Glenworth looked to cut the deficit further but St Nick’s began to face his opponents in the second half of the attack.

In the 51st minute, Lee Quilligan and James Morris did a good job of setting up substitute Robert Downey for a point. In his next attack he proved a decisive fourth goal when Dean Brosnan set up Lee Quilligan, who netted him to lead 4–8 to 1–10.

Glenworth refused to give in. They had three late points by Dave Payne, Darragh O’Brien and Sean Finn, but that was not enough to say that ‘the goal wins the match’ is certainly the case with St.

ST Nix: E Fuller, D Dunley, S Cronin, C Horgan, A Evans, K McCarthy/Code, S Horgan, L Ford, J Morrissey, D Coughlan, D Brosnan 0-3 (0-1 f), S O’Callaghan 0- 2 (0-1f), D Milner 1-1, R Brosnan, R Long 1-1 (0-1f) Membership: L Quilligan 1-0 for R Brosnan (injection), D Morris for D Coughlan, De Busted’s for McCarthy/Code, R Downey 0-1 for D Milner, E Downey S for O’Callaghan,

Glenworth: C Couture, J Blackburn, W Blackburn, T Condon, P Blackburn, G O’Neill 0-1, J Fitzgibbon, R Murphy, S Finn 0-1, D O’Brien 1-6 (0-2f), D Pine 0-3 (0-1 ’45, 0-1f), E Sheehan, S Condon 0-1, J O’Sullivan, S O’Riordan 0-1 Membership: J Coughlan for E Sheehan, P Hannon for J Coughlan (Blood), J Coughlan for P Hannon, P Hannon for J Coughlan (Inj),

Referee: Cathal McAllister (Aghada)