Corridors of Toros in Mexico: Is a trade or a violent affair?

From 76 August, the Plaza Mexico has a series of memorable corridors of Toros. Por ahí han desfilado lidiadors de la talla de Enrique Ponce, Sebastián Castella, Eulalio López Zotoluco, Roberto Domínguez e Hilda Tenorio, la primera mujer en tomar la alternato en las. Looking back at the recurring capital in the country for an indefinite period of time, I hope that the 10 June junior un jzz federal tomó is declaring a promotional campaign for the association of civil justice.

La originaria de morilia, Michoacán, catalogs of animalists and the antiturinus, adamant de lamentar que no vean las consecuencias de que la denominada fiesta brava ya se se realis.

“Creo que eso algo meramente politico de lo que se han agarado muchos animalosas y están totalmente equivocados. Si la fiesta de las torus se extinguiera, el toru de lydia tumbein, seria toda una space se koi se iría el metadiro y koi la volverí a ver jamás. Los verdaderos defensores del toro de lidia son los ganaderos de lidia y la gente del toro, no los falsos animalistas “, aseveró Tenorio Patiño en exclusive with La Razón.

The Torrera of the 36-year-old boy confesses that all his specialties parted with a certain kind of alimenticia, because he could not live without sin forever, because he would criticize the defenders of the Lidia to consider the Lidia constabarque of constabarque. toda esta raza.

Because there is a life that exists forcibly, there is a certain alienation. For a ganadería exists 300 cabezas de toro de lidia, la que es brava es la raza entera. We don’t think that when there is a ganader of 300 bags of ganado saca it is the best 20 toros for a day to see if it is lidien and maten, and grateful that these dead animals have 300 animals completely free in the camp. If they weren’t preoccupied with the toro de lidia, why would anyone want to go all out? These vacancies have made their 18-year-old life in the camp without the most moles, because there are dedications to be made by mothers and their animals and beasts, but these falsified animalists want to bring them to the nation. ”

For his part, José Luis Carranza, President of Frecda (Frente Ciudadano Pro Derecho Animal), was one of the most important fuertes of the Corridors of Toros, calming down the miscommunication of the spectacles of mules and muerte, which were too much to bear. , Considering the fact that Article 13 apart B of the Politics Constituency of CDMX stabilizes the obligation jurisdiction to respect life and integration of animals.

“I am not surprised by the fact that the continent of Sangre and Muerte like the corridors of Toros and the Palaces of Gallos, pues ya desde el 2017 se tenían que haber prohibido. Even if you have a cultural aspect, you cannot be protected by the political constitution of the country if you look at it from a specific point of view or from a specific point of view.

In this misunderstanding, Carranza realized that he could not compare the corridors of Toros with the races, but in the first instance indicates that he was mature for diversion, we think that in seconds it is for alimentation.

“The finalization of the rastros is the alimentation, we believe that the corridors of Toros is the diversion. beneficio humano ”, subrayó.

Hilda Tenorio invites everyone to come across this to the corridors of toros and this is a type of event that has an examination of conciencia and is the reason why the existence of toro per lidia permeates other animals.

“The animal exists because the humbre is permitted, and because we have a lot of morals to conserve these especies. Nature’s salvation, no worries about not being in the ganadara durante cuatro años hasta que sale “, placluyza”.