Corro de las Noas in Torreón, El Siglo de Torreón There will always be no Megareliquia

In Cerro de las Noas de Torreón there will always be no Megareliquia in honor of San Judas Tadeo, the saint of difficult and frustrating reasons, and one of the most revered in La Laguna.

The above was confirmed this Thursday by Victor Manuel Gomez, Rector of the Tomb of Christ the King Caro de las Navas. After a meeting of dioceses with the Lagonera Region Health Operative Board..

“As the sanctuary of Christ the King, I am going to express my solidarity with the Temple of San Judas Tado, that they will not keep Christmas or make any relics, So I’m against making mega relays.“People can do it at home,” he said.

Gomez limited himself to saying that the suspension was not to “fail” the health protocol. Apart from the fact that currently “some of our parents are with COVID-19”.

This will be the second year in a row that McGregor has been suspended.

At the end of last September, The rector had said that this activity would be carried out., With low capacity and strict adherence to health measures to prevent Covid 19 infections.

The request will be sent to the City Council as well as La Laguna’s Technical Sub-Committee on Health to determine the number of people who can board the Cerro to participate in the Merwick. Next Thursday, October 28..

The pastor indicated that he had also asked the National Chamber of Restaurant and Spiced Food Industry (Canarik) to organize an event to which local universities would be invited to serve barbecue and traditional soup. In this edition, Rural women were also invited, as they specialize in making these dishes from wood..


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