Cosby’s lawyer urges jurors to consider only evidence from trial

Bill Cosby’s lawyer told jurors they should examine the public allegations against the actor and comedian of yesteryear and only consider the evidence presented by a woman who claims he sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 1975 when she was 16.

On Tuesday, during the closing debate in a California civil trial that will escalate into a bizarre dispute over the Donkey Kong video game, Cosby’s lawyer Jennifer Bonjean said Plaintiff Judy Huth and her lawyers didn’t even come close to proving that “her 50 -year-old, he-said-she-said the case.

“Do you have any idea how difficult it is to defend a case when you start with the label of a sexual predator?” Ms Bonjean told jurors, reminding them that they were chosen because they promised they would only consider the facts presented in court.

“If we were going to just judge people by labels, then why do tests at all?”

Ms. Hoot’s attorney, Nathan Goldberg, told jurors that “my client deserves to have Mr. Cosby held accountable for what he did.”

“Each of you knows deep down that Mr. Cosby raped Miss Huff,” said Mr. Goldberg.


Judy Huth appears at a press conference outside the LAPD in Wilshire, Los Angeles on December 5, 2014. (Anthony McCartney/AP)

Cosby, who was released from prison almost a year ago when his Pennsylvania conviction was dropped, is not in court.

He denied there was any sexual activity between him and Ms Huth in a 2015 video deposition shown to jurors.

The refusal was repeated throughout the trial by his representative and his lawyer.

Ms Bonjean began the defense’s closing argument by thanking the jurors, then told them, “All I have to say is like Donkey Kong,” a reference to what both sides called the “Donkey Kong defense” during the trial.

Ms. Huth stated from testimony that Cosby unmasked himself and forced her to have sexual intercourse in a bedroom adjoining the games room in the mansion, where Cosby brought Ms. Huth and her then 17-year-old girlfriend, Donna Samuelson. key witness at trial.

In previous testimony and police interviews, the women said that Ms. Samuelson played Donkey Kong in 1975, a game that Nintendo didn’t release for arcades until 1981.

Ms. Goldberg told jurors in her opinion that Ms. Samuelson said “games like Donkey Kong” in her first mention of it during her testimony.

She gave a similar explanation during her testimony in court.

But Ms Bonjean said it was clear evidence that Ms Samuelson and Ms Huth coordinated their stories, despite saying in court they barely spoke in subsequent decades.

“They are both wrong in the same way,” Mme. Bonjean said.

At the end of her closing speech, Ms. Bonjean said, “In a way, this was Donkey Kong’s defense and it will end the way it should have. Game over.”

Mr. Goldberg reacted angrily to his rebuttal.


Cosby (left) denies attacking Ms Hoot (AP)

“It’s about justice!” he shouted, pounding on the podium.

“We don’t want the game to end! We need justice!”

Shortly thereafter, he snapped at Ms. Bonjean when she raised one of her many objections, stating that she did not think the rules applied to her.

She said, “Is this about me now? Are you going to hang my picture there?

“I would hang your picture and write ‘Game Over’ on it,” Goldberg said.

Similar bickering took place between them throughout the trial and flared up earlier Wednesday when Mr. Goldberg said the defense expert was “a nice lady with a sweet smile,” implying she had nothing more to offer in the case.

At an earlier, calmer moment, Mr. Goldberg told jurors that Cosby had every reason to believe that the two girls were under 18 when he met them in a Southern California park and invited them to meet him in a few days.

Ms. Hut stated in evidence that they told him.

Ms Samuelson said she didn’t remember specifically stating their age, but said they would have told him if that happened.

Ms. Bonjean said the jury could not reasonably believe that Cosby knew so much and put pictures of girls from around the same time on the screen.

“These were young women who were not children or even teenagers,” Ms Bonjean said.

She added that the women’s testimony that no one at the mansion asked their age after Cosby left them there alone speaks volumes.

“They were like a lot of the other girls in the Playboy mansion.”

After the judge reads his instructions to them on Thursday morning, the jury will have to decide on the veracity of Ms Huth’s claims and whether Cosby’s actions caused her emotional distress, which resurfaced in 2014 and lasted until 2018, when he ended up in jail like Mrs Huth’s lawsuit. says he did.

Ms. Huth’s case represents one of the last remaining lawsuits against the 85-year-old comedian and actor who was once considered the “Father of America” ​​after his Pennsylvania conviction was cleared and many other lawsuits his insurance company had against his will. .