Costoso Plan de Abbott No Farina Crisis Migration

Austin, Texas— The attempt to confront human beings who have recently killed 53 migrants in Texas, the most deadly of the history of the United States, has led to the limitations of the operational security of the frontier.

In the wake of the tragedy, Abbott ordered the state police to investigate more commissions, expanding a new security frontier that has cost millions of dollars, to the Guardia of the Guardians, the Guardian National autodos delares. A Washington, D.C.

Sin ban, the United Nations has already said that the planes of the governor have not reduced the number of people who crossed the border.

At the front of the Texas, there were two autoridas that came from the fatal tract of the Lunes, the imperfect automotive cruises that migrated 523 miles between May and May, 417 miles between May and May, 417. The name refers to how, in the frontier with Mexico, the crucifixes are in their navy more than two dozen or so.

The attempt to confront the most mortal human being in the history of illustration illustrates the imitations of the aboriginal appearance of Abbott in the moments in which the governor of the two mandates, aspira to the reunion in November, the president of Joobiernodelpa.

The activists who defied the migrants responded to the critics of Abbott saying that Biden was concentrating on the compliment of the ley.

“Texas va a tomar medidas para hacer nuestra parte para reducir la imigración ilegal al país”, dijo el gobernador el miércoles en el pueblo fronterizo de Eagle Pass.

Give the fact that the police come to inspect more commissions with remodeling the secret of the tragedy. There are no details about the magnitude of the inspection of the retinas, but the difference between an inspection has been three months since the paralysis took place at the same time in the frontier of the state, which is not present. .

The Department of Public Security in Texas did not respond to inquiries about how many commissions have been inspected since the ordinance of the governor or if there has been any migration.

The critics are concerned about transparency and the status quo that this is a misunderstanding of 3 million dollars since the launch of Operation Lone Star in 2021. The first of 2021. Marcos de Marcos Arrested, I don’t think there is anything to see with the security frontier. Luego del despliegue apresurado de la Guardia Nacional, algunos miembros se quejaron de baja moral, pagos retrasados ​​y poco que hacer.

Since April, Abbott has visited the migrant workers in Washington, saying that he was addressing the issue of migration to the Congress party. So far, 3 million migrants have made the trip at a cost of more than 5 million dollars.

“Greg Abbott, who wants to make the phrase and tease him, without real solutions,” commented Roland Gutierrez, senior senator of the state, who was distracted by the securing of the cabin near San Antonio in the cabin. “It’s been 10 million years ago to protect the frontier and not a single thing to solve the situation.”

The authoritarian frontiers of the states are migrating to the frontier Surrey at the most occasional events that have taken place in the last two decades. The migrants who were born 240 millimeters later in May, one of the most haunted.

The comparisons with the newcomers prepandemia are complicated because the migrants expose themselves to a public greeting as “Article 42” does not contain any legal considerations, which the alien attempts reiterate. Authorities say 25% of those encounters may have been with people who may have been missing at least once in a while.