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China cerró un distrito en las afueras de WuhanSince this is the first time that the city that had the first confinement for the contagions of COVID-19 in the world has imposed such a measure since 2020, this underlines how far the country is from normality after the pandemic.

More than two years after the city was sealed off to contain what was then a mysterious pneumonia, nearly 1 million residents of the district were told. Jiangxiaen Wuhan, que permanezcan en sus hogares y no salgan a menos que sea necesario. Todo el transporte public se detuvo y los lugares de entertainment closed durante tres días después de que se encontraron cuatro casos asintomáticos in the district of martes.

If until now the restrictions are limited to a single district, it is probable that the measure will raise concerns about the expansion of confinement. Life in the city that has 11 million inhabitants, marked by the pandemic, had returned to a large extent to normality since its initial closure in 2020, which sent a precedent on how the Chinese authorities managed parts, with a small outbreak. in April and a handful of cases in the last month.

China se apega a su Strategy serocovid de bloqueos, retricciones de movimiento y pruebas masivas a pesar de ser defesada como nunca antes, con variantes más contagiosas que eluden las retricciones más strictas. The country reported 604 local cases on Tuesday, compared to 868 on the previous day.

La attention también está en el centro fabricación del sur de Shenzhen, que informó cuatro nuevos casos to increase the count from July 19 to more than 150. siete délascobrees, de la cadena de supply global.

The government of the city solicited its 100 largest companies, including the iPhone manufacturer Foxconn and the oil producer Cnooc Limited, which will restrict operations only to employees who live within the conburuto of the conburuto. contacto con las personas más allá de sus plants u oficinas. The authorities also asked companies to reduce the unnecessary interaction between non-manufacturing personnel and factory floors to reduce infection.

Las authorities en Shenzhen dijeron el martes que The outbreak is under control. y que la majority de los casos se detecteron temprano y se islaron rapidamente, aunque todava esperan encontrar nuevas infecciónes. The outbreak is related to transfrontier cases, explained Lin Hancheng, funcionario de la comisión de salud, sin dar más details.

The Shenzhen police said last week that they arrested 82 people, 19 of whom were conductors who delivered supplies between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, for contrabando de merchandise and breach of laws. The authorities said that they will comply strictly with the closed circuit system for the conductors, that they should not have contact with the external community while working.

For the second part, Shanghai Report 16 Case Locals, incluido uno que se entente fuera de la quarantine. El centro financiero is carrying out two rounds of mandatory mass tests in nine of its 16 districts this week to reduce the risks of outbreaks.

To contain the situation of the virus in the district of Baoshan of the city, which found cases among the logistics workers, the local transport associations have proposed to operate the warehouses under a closed circuit system. Operations at 17 steel warehouses were halted for three days from Tuesday and the transport of steel scrap was also interrupted, according to a survey conducted by Mysteel.

Baoshan Iron & Steel, the unit that cotiza en bolsa de la siderúrgica más grande del mundo, no respondió immediately to a query from Bloomberg News about its storage operations.

Most of the cases in China are centered on the critical points of the region Guangxi en el sur, que registró 269 casos el martes, y la provincia noroccidental de Gansuque tuvo 234 nuevas infecciónes.