Create 4 sculptors in the National Museum of San Carlos.

Mexico City.

F.Geometric Sculpture: Sculptor of the Academy of Arts. Highlights the poetic and aesthetic qualities of four artists who have marked 20th and 21st century Mexican sculptures: tributes through pieces created by Jermaine Kyoto, Luis Ortiz Monsterio, Federico Silva and Angela Goria, Manuel Maran Offer compliments This creator

The National Museum of San Carlos, in collaboration with the Academy of Arts, exhibits 17 pieces, 11 of which were created. Former Professor For example, presented within the framework of the #VolverAVerte campaign.

In a virtual press conference, Maroon commented that he was paying tribute because they are artists with one thing in common: they all started their work in the symbolic field and over the years, they dedicated themselves to the abstract world. What All four, he says, “handle abstraction as something we see, but it disappears.”

With this sculptural tribute, Maran endorsed the principles of his famous theology and proposed changes to the work of Cueto, Ortiz Monasterio, Silva and Gurría, a kind of intervention that would allow him and Establishes a dialogue between her peers based on shapes and issues.

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