Crecen tensions por maneuveras militares chinas

Taiwan.— At least 11 Chinese missiles hit the northern, southern, and eastern seas of Taiwan on Thursday, less than 24 hours after the President of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, celebrated the island as a fortress. la autocrática China. El Ejército Popular de Liberation declared that its missiles “alcanzaron todos sus objetivos con precisión”, although five fell in aguas japonesas.

Los militares chinos qualified the maneuvers as the prelude to a mayor’s demonstration of force destined to punish the island by a visit from Pelosi who questioned Beijing’s claims on Taiwan. Los ejercicios, which are getting closer to Taiwan and are expected to last 72 hours, will also give the Chinese forces a valuable practice in the event that they are ordered to ride out lacarlaary.

But the tensions could increase dangerously, especially if something goes wrong.

The most Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, has said that he hopes to unify Taiwan and China through pacific steps. But, like his predecessors, he has not discarded the use of force, and China’s military reinforcement has reached a point where some commanders and analysts think that an invasion is a scenario every time. maeunque. Arriesgado

Aunque sea poco probable, está dejando a la región en vilo. Y las tensiones podridan escalar peligrosamente, especially si algo sale mal

The six zones for China’s exercises were chosen for their importance in a potential campaign to unite Taiwan and repel foreign intervention, said Mayor General Meng Xiangqing, Professor of Strategy at the Universidad de Strategy. Vision China

Una zona covers the narrowest part of the Strait of Taiwan. Others could be used to block an important port or attack three of the main military bases in Taiwan. One of them, oriented to the south of Taiwan, “creates conditions to close the door and hit the dog”, he said, employing a Chinese saying that refers to blocking the escape route of an enemy.

“Todos pueden esperar y ver”, Dejo L. General Meng. “It’s the first time that the military will realize a joint military operation around the entire island of Taiwan,” he said. “Hay que decir que, aunque se trata de un exercise que se asemeja a un combate real, en cualquier momento puede convertir en un combate real”.

“Aprovecha el impulso para rodear”, rezaba un slogan used by el ‘Meczyki del Pueblo’, el principal periodico del Partido Comunista Chino, al annunciar el inició de los simulacros.

No está claro hasta qué punto las fuerzas china se acercarán a Taiwan during the maneuvers, que están previstas que finalicen el domingo.

En una posible señal de lo que cabe esperar, el Mando del Teatro Oriental de China, que abarca Taiwan, dijo que estaba mobilizando más de aviones de combate, bombarderos y otras aeronaves, así como destructoras de, 100 aviones de combate. a cabo operaciones conjuntas de cierre y control”.

Los funcionaires de la Casa Blanca y del Pentagono han estado observando la situación de cerca sin explicar cómo podridan respondent. A surveillance service directed by the United States Naval Institute informed on Monday that an attack group directed by the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was in the Philippine Sea, a certain distance east of a Taiwíque, Usíque, USS amphibious assault, también estaba en esa zone. El jueves no hubo anuncios sobre buques navales estudiantes cerca de los ejercicios chinos.