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La Noticia del ascension of the Jesuit Jesuits in the Pueblo de Cerocahui, Chihuahua, sacudió a la ciudadania. The violent act perpetrated by these lunes moves the pronouns in the red of social oppositions and religiosity like that of Papa Francisco.

Además del asesinato a los dos jesuitas y un guía turístico a disparos part of a person presumptively vinculada with the cream organizedhas criticized the security strategy of the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as The chiffra of homicides and feminines that have been consolidated in apenas cuatro años He was like the most violent, because he fell in love with the late Felipe Calderón.

Admirals of the messages of indication of various personal oppositions and goblins of López Obrador, in the Permanent Commission of the Union of Congress, lawmakers of various points of interest de por qué The security strategy should be modified We think that the officialists will find out the violent tendencies that are taking place near the intersection of sexes.

Así se ha critic critic a la 4T tras el asesinato de los sacerdotes

  • Senator Priest Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín dijo que “no hemjo mejorado absolutably nada y eso es lo que nos debe doler”, To see the assessment as other escandalo more in the matter of security.
  • Also record the statement that in Mexico “no hay jokes” and say that without embargo we have seen various violent events like Collective fusilamontos, the Liberation of Ovidio Guzmán to evacuate a flower garden and other situations with which to reconcile the “derrota” of the front lines with the cream organized.
  • Kenya López Rabadán has joined other opponents Terminar con la politica de ‘abrazos no balazos’ Destined to amazement in homicidals and the trick that the two of you might have in May with their most admirers.
  • El panista Santiago Creel dijo que “los abrazos al creamn organizado no funcionan”And also thought that urgent results would result in the situation of Violence that was living in the country.
  • The love story of Alejandro Moreno also appeared on Twitter during these days, he said. la violetcia había “tocado la fe” de la ciudadania.

Obradorismo answers ‘en corto’

Against the accusations of legislators and political opposites, the representations of officialism no reference to the ascension of the sacraments with criminal politicosya que, según ellos, hay tendencias que vienen de pasados ​​sexenios.

The deputy Gerardo Fernández Noroña dijo in the Permanent Commission that In Mexico there are no desperation descriptions to record the 43 desaparecidos of AyotzinapaI also hope that there are no collaterals with civil ascendants.

Noroña expresó que The discourse against the abolition of politics of balazos was the fruit of perversity In the context of the opposites part of things.

On Twitter, Epigmenio Ibarra acusó que los secrets like Chihuahua Furon formados desde el sexenio de Felipe Calderón.