Cross tomorrow’s deadline and apply to Startup Battlefield 200 – Meczyki.Net

Building a successful startup requires an enormous amount of talent, hard work, money and, frankly, a little bit of luck. Translation: To do this you need to seize every opportunity. Okay, heads up, early stage founders. Your opportunity to join our inaugural team – Startup Battlefield 200 – ends tomorrow.

Don’t miss your chance for a 100% FREE VIP experience – which can help you build better or launch your startup globally – on Meczyki.Net Disrupt October 18-21 in San Francisco.

Select Opportunity: Startup Battlefield 200 . apply to before this Deadline expires tomorrow, Aug. 5 at 11:59 p.m. PT,

Why Apply? This is the only way early stage companies can get featured on Meczyki.Net Disrupt – a truly amazing experience. The expo floor is the prime area to build brand identity, acquire new customers, attract investor interest and capture media coverage.

Applying is also the only way to compete in Startup Battlefield, the epic and historically life-changing pitch competition for any early-stage company. What can a $100,000 prize do for your startup?

Here’s the deal. Meczyki.Net is scrutinizing thousands of applications from which they will select 200 outstanding early stage startups to form the SUB 200. The founders of this elite group receive free of charge:

  • Access to all interrupted presentations, breakouts and roundtables
  • Exhibition space for all three days of disruption
  • SBF 200-Only Masterclass
  • Pitch Training with TC Staff
  • Pitch Deck Review with Industry Experts
  • An opportunity to flash-pitch investors and editors
  • Exclusive Investor Networking Opportunity
  • medium risk
  • One Free Year of Meczyki.Net+ Membership

Now, about the pitch competition. TC editors will select 20 startups from SUB 200 as Startup Battlefield finalists, and those founders will throw down one shot at $100,000. Finalist founders will receive private pitch coaching, be featured on Meczyki.Net and pitched on the Disrupt platform in front of an entire disrupted audience. The eventual winner takes home the $100,000 equity-free prize and all the glory.

To be eligible for consideration, your company must:

  • Be an early stage startup
  • Have a Minimum Viable Product
  • represent any vertical
  • represent any geography
  • Keep Step-Function Innovations in Your Vertical
  • be bootstrapped or have prescale funding (variable by industry)

Meczyki.Net Disrupt takes place October 18-20 in San Francisco with an online day on October 21. seize this wonderful opportunity, and Meczyki.Net Startup Battlefield 200 . apply to By tomorrow, August 5th at 11:59 p.m. PT,

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