“Cuántos asesinatos en Mexico”, lamenta el Papa; redoblan aquí persecución

Los cuerpos sin vida de los sacerdotes Jesuits Javier Campos y Joaquín Mora, as is the story of the legendary tourist Pedro Palma, furon localized and recuperated este miércoles en la zona conocida como Pito Real, laque sanáel carete en lava

Los religiosos y el guista fueron asesinados el 20 de junio en el interior de la parroquia San Francisco Javier, en Cerocahui, municipio de Urique, preferably by José Noriel Portillo, aka El Chueco, quin queen caevádélose en caevád. Disputes of two days, the localizations of the curators.

“We want to compare the Jesuits, to the Jesuit community, to the Chihuahuas… that we are grateful to the General of the Fiscal General (FGE), that we are localized and recuperate, compliant with medicine,” a brew video defended on social media.

Horas despised, Roberto Fierro, the title of the FGE, said that the application of the identification protocols luego ser seriz localizado cuerpos tras los operativos y barridos en la zona.

No obstruction, the jesuqu jera jesuita in Mexico seóaló, in a communicado, which should give priority to the authenticity of the investigation and that SE trasladar est jueves al lugar to confirm if the correspondence from the correspondence.

In the conference of the prince, the fiscal comment that on the 20th of June the junior Ocurrieron of the two distant distances in the Cerocahui community, ambushed the Chueco.

First he received a report from Portillo arribó a un domicilio with the localization of the finale Paul “B”, living in the community, who once had a baseball game in which he participated in a patrol car by Portillo.

Tras haber sido derrotado el equipo del sospechoso, se generó una disputa con el otro conjunto, en el que contendían los hermanos Paul y Armando “B”.

To get the domicile, “Acquire with versions of a testicle, El Chueco gave an arrow of fuego in opposition to Paul ‘B’, privileged the liberty of Armando ‘B’ and posteriorly precedes fuego a vivienda… a mujer y un Menor, who are the inhabitants of Cerocahui and have an object with the victims, furon reported officially as privados of liberty ”, relating to the fiscal.

Destacó que, tras las diligencias realizadas por la autoridad investigadora, se logró stabablecer que la mujer y el menor se retiraron del lugar sanos y salvos: personas de libertévas no. Tourists “.

The second time he registered more than half an hour, approximately 13:00 hours, and entered a hotel in the corner of the zoo, there were some testicles, Pedro Palma, the guy of tourists, interacting with El Chueco, and liberating the zone. .

The functionality indicates that, by accepting the declarations with the authority of the Ministerial, Pedro logró escapes and finds the political template of the old, where it is facilitated by the two Jesuits. The aggressor, without embarking, displays the opposite of the three and posteriorly takes his cue.

This zone of the Sierra Tarahumara is still, from time to time, very infiltrated, dominated by the delinquency

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico

Roberto Fierro abundant that, for the sake of tarde, the Fiscal anuncia una recompenses cinco millions of pesos who would have given information, effect, efficiency and detail that directly lead to capture. This is the most important thing that has ever happened in the history of Chihuahua.

The title of the FGE destabilizes the operas and the presuppositions of the secrets of the three commanders of the gobierno permanecen, pus la prioridad es brindar seguridad et certeza a los habitaten y, presencia de la captura.

Autoridades locales and federas activaron una cedula de besqueda contra Portillo Gil, por el delito de homicidio calificado. Accompanied by the investigations, he found himself in the regions of Cerocahui, Bahuichivo, Porochi, Poblado Rodeo and Urique, and so on.

  • The data: The application of FGE, the INM emits an alert migration effect to the effect that José Portillo Gil does not appear to be justified, because he is looking for 194 international points.

Control Narco.

Preferably, President Andrés Manuel López reconciled the fact that the Sierra Tarahumara in the zone of the Funeral Assassination of the two Jesuit Jesuits controlled the crime.

“This zone of the Sierra Tarahumara has been established, since time immemorial, infiltrated, dominated by delinquency. Reunion and ascension to 13 persons and the same in all regiments. This delinquente sealalado as responsive de asesinatos, incluso identificado, está acusado desde 2018 porque asesinó a unista estudaunidense, es una zona domina a este grupo. “

Initiating a conference on Mutiny in Palacio Nacional, the federal executive expresses its condolences “to the Compañía de Jesús, to the Jesuits of Mexico, of the world, for these lamentable hechos succidis en urhiuma in la sipablesb ens, There are two sacradotes that take a lot of time to deal with in this margin, but, in the late 80’s, there is a misconception that there is a lot of time to spend on commodities, dososdosuesronios ”.

Papa Lamenta Kriman, Tras Asinato de “Hermanos”

Francisco denounces the Violence that azota a Mexico and laments the ascension of two of her “hermans” Jesuits that fueron ultimatum en a remota iglesia del país supuestamente a manos de mimembros de una bandaficanar de miembros.

Francisco, an Argentine jesus, offered his services to the final jesus of the General Seminar audience and said that he was “triste and conservato” from the ascendants in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

“Explore my dollar and consternation for the ascension in Mexico, anteaire, the two religions, my men Jesus, and a laico.” the plaza of San Pedro del Vaticano.

“It was with the perfect and oracle that the cataclysmic community was affected by this tragedy. One more thing that the Violence did not solve the problems that caused its induction”, added Francisco.

Of the hechos, the competition of Jesus in Mexico contained the cream, and the fact that the sacchardotes were made ascendants “in the context of the Violence that lived there”, while at least sixty sacchardotes had sidusual dusual asesinados.

Francisco attended the Drogadictos when it was arzobispo de Buenos Aires y durante años ha condenado a los “traficantes de la muerte” que alimentan el commercio de la droga, que ha achacado al “diablo” ya la sed de dinro. During a visit to Mexico in 2016, the Mexicans visited the narcotic.

Jesuitas repudian uso de violencia desmedida

For the saccharine javier Javier Ávila, the “tragic” insect is privatized not only by the Sierra Tarahumara, his sinews, and the accusation of two of his fellow missionaries is an expression of this situation.

After conversing with La Razón, we will not forget the heck out of what happened to us, but we will soon express our considerations about the insensitivity that dominates the territory.

However, it seems that the saccharine jesus Javier Campos and Joaquin Mora conceive from the special José Noriel Portillo, nicknamed “El Chueco”, this is the privacy of life.

The Tunes of the Lunes passed away after the ascendants tried to protect Pedro Palma, a group of tourists who went to their place, persevered for the delicacy, at the Cerocahui community, the Chihuahuense municipality of Urique.

The secret Javier Ávila, considering as his father “Pato”, showed that the security is equal in this regi quen that in all parts of the national territory.

The insecturia is the same as in all parts, not the privacy of the sierra that we are with insecturia; all estado y el país hemos llegado a una inseguridad sorry

Javier Avila, Sacerdote Jesuita

“The insensitivity is such that in all its parts, it is not the privilege of the sierra that we are with insecturia; all the state and the nations are attached to a deplorable insecturability”, consider.

“¿Hasta dónde vamos a llegar? Nahin sé; y notamos el cambio quienes estamus aquí desde hace mucho timepo. El delito simepre ha existido, pero no una impunidad tan descarada, y eso duele bastante”, lamentó

“Es raro; no termino de asimilar y saber qué pasa, incluso él (portillo) conoció a los padres desde que era chiquillo; de una loquera (los asesinatos) que ha de haber traído con tanta droga (drogadicción, en el momento de los aseses) expresó el padre Ávila.

Destacó que conoce a muchos que se han metido en eso, los ha bautizado, les ha dado la primera communión, pero actúan fuera de todo orden.

Recorded that, being the last of the Jesuits and a sol (guía de turistas), the sacrament of Jesus Reyes, who presided over the scene, but who said “El Chueco” did not show up, the pidió that dejara los cuerpos. “Be the first to say that he has a great deal to do with his father and, in the end, he gives orders to his secrets so that he will take care of the troika.”

Before the recurrences were recorded, the father “Pato” expressed that he was an operative conformed to the elements of the National Guardia (GN), the Secretariat of the National Defense (Sedena) and the State of the State, which were fighting. los cuerpos.

Resulting that in the last times this is the first occasion in which some of these endeavors and references that various clues have been accepted have been accepted by some, but did not seem to be able to “disclose” this dear person.

The question about the Jesuits having their time to present another similar case, the father “Pato” commented that, aptly, he did not have any and would rise.

“No, we have nothing to do with it. The instrument is very clear: we are here to capture the life; riesgo.

“Accept the condi- tions that one of us had to take the life and enter… ellos (the two ascendant ascendants) compliment hasta el ultimo; murieron en la raya”, commented.

He believes that the community of Cerocahui is tranquila, last for the heck of making two pastors very special, looking at the gente, cariñosos, dispositions to the mano, as comic spirits, and peasants.

The father of Pedro Humberto Arriaga, superior to the Jesuits in a misunderstanding of the country and friend of Father Javier Campos since he was a student, explained that the situation of insensitivity in the zone is very real.

In May, the ultimate veggies that come together, Campos transmits “the gravity of the situation, how the bands of narcos have evolved in the regiment, since they are established apart from the communities” and “they are still armadas moviéndose por todas partes.

  • The data: Our religion is based on the current federal administration, which poses to Mexico as one of the most expensive languages ​​for the study.