Cuevas gives the start signal for the Christmas operation in Cuauhtémoc

Sandra Cuevas, Mayor of Cuauhtémoc, announced the start of the operation “Jul Bengal” To provide security for the more than 550 thousand inhabitants of the 33 blocks in the delimitation as well as the more than 10 million daily visitors who will arrive from this Wednesday to January 2021 on the occasion of the Christmas and New Year festivities since the pilgrimages will be installed on the 39 public markets and Christmas bazaars in addition to recreational and cultural activities.

Giving the starting signal to convoys from the Mexico City Local Police, the National Guard, the Auxiliary Police at the boundary and the elite group for immediate response, Mayor Sandra Cuevas explained that this operation will also provide security for the more than 15,000 tenants in the 39 public markets. the framework of the pilgrimages that are installed and to the thousands of merchants who participate in the Christmas bazaars.

He recalled that the increase in seasonal purchases began in areas such as the historic center, the Barrio Bravo de Tepito or La Lagunilla and the Maza district, without neglecting the economic activity of the Roma, Condesa, Santa María la Ribera, Cuauhtémoc and Juárez colonies. to the restaurant industry, so they will all have security through Operation “Christmas Bengal”.

Together with the Director – General for Civil Protection and Civil Protection, José Francisco Delgadillo Cadena, and the Director – General of the Government, José Medina Romero, she wished the merchants success in their sales and encouraged them to receive visitors with kindness, as good hosts. coming both from the interior of Mexico and from one of the 15 remaining mayors of Mexico City.

It should be noted that in the mayor’s office of Cuauhtémoc 18 pilgrimages were installed in the same number of public markets: Martínez de la Torre Annex and Zona, San Cosme, Juárez, Insurgentes, Beethoven, Hidalgo Zona, La Dalia, Melchor Ocampo (Medellin), San Buglilia Area, , San Juan de Arcos de Belén, San Juan Curiosidades, Isabel La Católica, Cuauhtémoc, San Joaquín Annex, Colima och Pasaje.

As for the Christmas bazaars, it was reported that Bazar del Oro, Bazar Centro Médico, Tianguis de Serapio Rendón, Plaza Necaxa Community Pilgrimage and Toy Fair were installed.

In the operative “Jul Bengal”, On the occasion of the Decembrina festivities, the Directorate – General for Civil Protection and Civil Protection at the Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office will demonstrate its strength in providing security to the people living and passing through the boundary.

General recommendations for the Christmas weekend: avoid withdrawing money in places that are recognized as high risk, be accompanied to make withdrawals at ATMs and preferably during service hours, bring with you the amount of cash required for your purchases, do not share the confidential number, if you go to cramped places in the company of children, try to follow someone and be aware of them and that they have their basic tasks in case of loss, drive responsibly, use safe and registered transport services or be registered by an application.

It is also recommended that if you are going on a trip to rest properly, check that the vehicle is in perfect condition and have an emergency backup team if needed; when leaving home, check doors and windows to make sure everything is properly closed; Avoid alerting strangers about long periods of absence and if you are traveling for a long holiday period, it is recommended to book the address with a trusted family member.

The mayor, Sandra Cuevas, wished a happy economic reactivation and sent a message of prosperity to the people in the mayor’s office and Mexico City, and reiterated that Cuauhtémoc “is their home” and that they will be well cared for.

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