Cullen and Knocknagri will advance to the Dukon Cup final after an easy semi-final win for both

Dukon Cup Semi-Finals

Calculus 2-14

CastleManager 0-6

There is no dispute over Cullen’s apparent superiority over Castlemagner, who finished in the Dukon Cup semi-finals at Boherbeau.

A clinical display of defending holders on a parade of a flashy brand of football that Castlemagner had a hard time matching. Some may argue with the result, although as Castlemagener attempted to remain in the hunt, Cullen had answers to return to the second decider.

From the opening half, Cullen made a statement of intent, taking advantage of strong play by Aaron Noland and Dare Tomei at center, well supported by Francis Cronin, Alan Regan and Michael Tomei.

A bout of pressure gave points to Brian O’Connell, Cronin and Regan, exactly the start Cullen wanted. Although piloting the second fiddle, Castlemagner saw several regulars Donal Geyer, Danny Linehan and Daniel Murphy to provide a spark.

Still, Cullen’s game was a major threat, which was confirmed when Connell finished a fine goal for Cullen for a 1–9 0–3 gap advantage. And Cullen carried his momentum in the second half, with Regan fielding Nolan to win a penalty to blast home with power.

Castlremagner was on the back foot but responded with points to Linehan and Murphy. Still, Cullen dominated the proceedings with Nolan, Regan, Dare Tomei and Thomas O’Keefe. Confirmed, Cullen had a better finishing kick and went home comfortably to reach his second straight decider.

Cullen: F O’Connor; S Fleming, M O’Riordan, C Kearns; P Kremin, F Cronin 0-1, C Moynihan; A. Nolan 1-1, D. Twomy; B O’Connell 1-1, A Regan 0-3, W O’Keefe 0-1; M Twomee, L Murphy 0-4, G Twomy 0-2. later stages, T O’Keeffe 0-1 for A Regan, A O’Sullivan for P Kremin, D Murphy for B O’Connell.

Palace: Ann Breen; A. Morrissey, D. Vaughn, D. Lucy; B Healy, de Geer, S Falve; C Murphy, D Linehan 0-5; D Murphy 0-1, K O’Sullivan, J Bourke; P O’Leary, De Wholly, T Murphy.

punch: Jay Kelleher (St. John’s)

Knocknagri 4-14

kiss 0-6

KNOCKNAGREE scored a comprehensive victory on a more simple task than had been anticipated by defeating Kischem in the Dukon Cup semi-finals in Ballydesmond on Tuesday evening.

The wide movement with his fleet of footballs helped Knocknagri dominate the proceedings in a game where he never loosened his grip. Kischem Short Few players failed to match the level of consistency that Knocknagri brought to every line.

In fairness to Kischem, he hung well for the concession of only two goals for the opening 20 minutes, before the gap saw his aspirations see the result advance to Knocknagri in a meeting against holders Cullen in the decider. allows for.

Although Knocknagri enjoyed a promising start with points from Gyroid Looney and David Tomei, Kischem held his own, with goals from Jeremiah McCauliffe, Mike Herlihy and Shane O’Riordan suggesting a competitive clash was on the cards.

However as the game ages, Knocknagri asserted its authority, a blend of both experience and emerging talent evident from the commanding presence of Dennis Mahoney, Gary O’Connor, Gyroid Looney, David Tomei and Dennis O’Connor. Good job by David O’Connor’s setup Looney for the opening goal.

Looney became the instigator of second thanks to an opportunistic attempt by Kevin Barry for a 2-9 0-3 gap advantage. Starting again, Knocknagri picked up where he had left off, with Kischem’s keeper Billy Daly making a good save from Tadak O’Mahony.

Knocknagri indeed dominated, good work from Twomee and Dennis O’Connor placed Barry in his second, before O’Connor added another green flag. There was no way for Kischem with Knocknagri’s impressive performance and margins fully justifying it.

Knocknagari😀 Brown; A. Sheehan, S. Daly, Denise D’O’Connor; de Mahoney, G O’Connor, T O’Connor 0-1, T O’Mahony, David O’Connor 0-1; J Dennehy 0-1, G Looney 1-2 (0-1’45), C White 0-1; De Tome 0-3, Dennis O’Connor 1-3 (0-1f), Kay Barry 2-2. later stages: T Long for G. Looney, R. O’Connor for De Tome, P. Doyle 0-1’45 for J. Dennehy, P. Roche for A. Sheehan.

kischem:B Daily; Dee Fitzgerald, S. Carroll, J. Daly; Jeremiah McAuliffe 0-1, D Linehan, J Carroll; C Noonan, J O’Connor; S O’Riordan 0-1, M Herlihy 0-1, P O’Mahony; John McAuliffe, A. Dennehy 0-2, J. Murphy. later stages: D Hallissey 0-1 ’45’ for S O’Riordan, P O’Keeffe for C Noonan.

punch😀 Casey (Scartiglen).