When we have the privilege of living, we sometimes forget that this is the most important thing and not to hold the position of power and hold on to it.

Man has been rising to positions in the family and society since childhood. When we are young we are thirsty for access everywhere, and if we have a curious spirit we are entering the world of “great people”, this exercise should be intensified in those times. Processed Foods Accelerate Changes in Growth In the end of newborn life, now and then, and still with the wonder of life in our hands, we expose ourselves to open the door ahead of time, so mistakes It doesn’t take long to arrive.

We meet boys or girls on social networks who read (re-quote) the whole text with perfect memory that their parents or one of their teachers taught them to learn in a marathon effort, but did we Teaching your children to live with logic? ? Living morally?

Towards the end of life, when the senses are limited and physical abilities are limited, we understand that there is a cycle that ends and the other cycles of people that arise and continue to others that begin their dangers and goals. Are Ego, but not out of responsibility.

Human behavior has always been analytical, but the way artists and politicians live – very similar – is somewhat different as they face public scrutiny of their followers or opponents through social networks. ۔ Like tick tock, we practically enter their kitchens.

There are artists or politicians who get sick because their followers get lost and then they invent new ways to present themselves to the public, when they are not told good or bad about them, when It doesn’t say how they dress, who they meet or even what they eat, and it is a food item that produces waste that is wasted. On many occasions, their brutal display in front of cybernetic eyes shows more than they would like, but it is also part of the show in which they participate consciously and unconsciously.

These leaders of the media universe are about to perish and they know it because they take advantage of their moment, which reminds me of the teenagers involved in the drug trade that Have the glory of

When it is understood that the cycle of human life should be like the cycle of the earth, like the cycle of water, in the circle of lightness into which we enter and naturally cease to exist. We wonder if it’s important to express yourself on Facebook, Instagram or any other communication tool.

Is it possible to connect a lot on social media and spend a part of our time in it? Or try to stay in the shade with a shady presence as much as possible?

What is money and what is left in the swamp of social networks? Where is the world going in which the third industrial revolution has started and collectivism is changing its pulse. What will happen to artists and politicians when the modest cost of communication and energy will be zero, when artificial intelligence will come to eliminate many of our little things. Faced with this expectation, human beings must be more solid than ever, and then logic and ethics will be necessary in education for the children of the world.


Author: Meczyki

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