Daily Harvest recalls product on sick customers

A healthy food brand beloved by influencers is going viral on social media this week — but not in a good way.

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Daily Harvest, which has become popular with influential people For its sleek, minimalist packaging and lighter fare options — smoothies, flatbreads, oat bowls — it has recalled its French Lentil + Leek Crumbles after customer complaints alleging that the new Crumbles offering made them Made very sick.

A viral TikTok hit made the rounds earlier this week, where producer Abigail Silverman said she was hospitalized with gastrointestinal issues and a fever of 101.8. (Silverman said he got the product free of charge in a press package.)

Silverman says she swallowed the company’s French Lentil + Leek Crumbles, alleging that she had “extreme stomach and gastro pain” after eating the product and that she still suffers from irregularities, only to be confused with her symptoms and the Daily Harvest meal. Received an email from the company after making a connection that an investigation is being initiated.

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“I’ve had to adjust my whole life over the past month to deal with it and part of me is grateful that I have an explanation of what’s going on because I’ve never had a health problem like this before unless literally I didn’t eat it,” Silverman told the audience. “That was the only thing that was different about my routine until I started having this problem.”

Silverman’s video was met with a massive flood of comments on the Daily Harvest subreddit page (there were over 800 comments as of Thursday afternoon) where users told their stories about getting sick from crumbles original poster described “debilitating abdominal pain” that landed her in the ER.

She claimed that when she went to eat the crumbles two weeks later, the same symptoms returned and noted that the Daily Harvest product was the “single common denominator” between the two bouts of illness.

“I believe this product caused me debilitating abdominal pain that took several days to go away,” she said wrote Bluntly.

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Daily Harvest Feedback

Daily Harvest has responded to the allegations in a series of posts on its website.

company officially recalled French Lentil + Leek Crumbles on June 19 at 1:45 p.m. EST, urging customers who have purchased the product to dispose of it.

“We have received customer reports of French Lentil + Leek Crumbles due to gastrointestinal issues. We took immediate steps to address what we heard from customers, reaching out to everyone who received French Lentil + Leek Crumbles, telling them instructed to dispose of the product and do not eat it,” the company wrote, “We simultaneously launched an investigation into our supply chain and with internal and external experts in accordance with regulatory procedures. We will share more information as it becomes available.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Daily Harvest revealed that it would conducting investigative action to locate the problem.

“We have launched an investigation to identify the root cause of the health problems being reported. We are working closely with the FDA and several independent laboratories to investigate this,” the report said. “We are working with a group of experts – including microbiologists, toxin and pathogen experts as well as allergists – to help get to the bottom of this. All pathogen and toxicology results have so far been negative. , but we are continuing to conduct extensive testing and will keep you updated.”

Customers who have been affected are encouraged to file a report with the company online form either E-mail,

entrepreneur Reached out to Daily Harvest for more details but received the same information that was presented to the public.

The FDA hasn’t issued a statement as the investigation continues, though that hasn’t stopped Reddit users from posting flood of claims,

The FDA and Daily Harvest have not confirmed any of the alleged complaints on social media at this time.

This is a developing story.