Dan de baja a jefe de policía de distrito escolar de Uvalde

Dallas The politics of the distinguished school of Uvalde fue dado de baja administrativa el miércoles después de los sealamientos de que falló en su respuesta al tiroteo en la Escuela Primaria Robb en el que murieron 19 niños y maestras.

The superintendent of the district school consul of Uvalde, Hal Harrell, informed him that the governing body of the district police office, Pete Arredondo, had decided that he would not recognize the henchmen of the queue. Without mentioning the accusations of Arredondo as the commandant in the long run at the moment, Harrell sighed at a communicator who discouraged him from having a conversation about the multiple investigations in torno to the response.

“Given this horrible event, share the distractions that led to the conclusion of the investigation to find out who will decide on the personal,” said Harrell. “Due to the fact that the persistence or the incumbent on the issue of the receipt of the results of the investigations, he was also determined by the decision of Jeff Arredondo in the administrative license of this part of the FACA”.

Anne Marie Espinoza, portal of the distinguished school of Uvalde, did not reveal that Arredondo was always looking for her license at the time.

From the official name of the debates of Arredondo, to Harrell.

The coroner, Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Security, said in a statement from the Senate that the martial law that Arredondo Tomó “terrified decisions” would be followed by the May 24 meeting, and the May 24 meeting. y uncasa que la resplico ”

Three minutes of waiting for Salvador Ramos, 18 years old, to enter the school, había en el lugar suficientes agentes de policía armados con rifles para detener al agresor, testificó McCraw. without embarking, the agents esperaron en a pasillo de la escuela durante más de una hora mientras el atacante llevaba a cabo la masacre. The puppies of the aula are not able to carry it inside, but there are no indications that the agents have tried to abort the puppies Ramos estaba adentro, revealing McCraw.

McCraw has shown that the fathers have changed the policy that intervenes and that in the interior of the aula the students llamaron repetitably the number of emerging sciences 911 for pedidar ayuda mientras más de una decena de elencoredes en decena. Some agents will pay the arrears to allow them to act because they have little children.

“The only thing that makes the dedicated agents of the infants to the aules 111 and 112 fue the command in the logarithm, who decides to keep the vidas of the vidas from enisma of the vidas of the girls”, declares McCraw.

Senator Paul Bettencourt said during the audience that Arredondo had to accept the news immediately.

“This hombre should be given to your transaction immediately because it is only with mirar your response, fue incapaz de hacer su trabajo”, subrayó Bettencourt.

Arredondo and his aboard have retweeted solicitudes of comments from The Associated Press and have not responded to the comments to comment on their license.

Arredondo tried to justify his actions, and declared to the Texas Tribune that he had not considered the commando cargo of the operations and that he believed that some more had taken control of the political response. He said he had not received his policy radios of the campus and the campus, but that he had used his cellular cell phone to buy a tactical device, a francotirador and the flames of the aula.

We are discouraged by the fact that even the politicians enter into the aula, because the communicators enter into the durante of the ataque, and that the captors of the cameras of the corporals of the agents.

Authorities have denied the allegations, arguing that the investigation is in process.

Arredondo, de 50 auos, was born in Uvalde and had a good part of his cashier 30 aucius carrier in the city. Asumió cargo al fronte de la politía del distrito escolar en 2020, y fue juramentado como mimembro del ayuntamiento durante una ceremonia privada el 31 de mayo.