Daniel Picasso, Victma del Puebla de Nadi;

On September 14, 1968, Cincinnati’s visitors visited Malinche’s house in San Miguel Canoa, Puebla. Todos fueron linchados la madrugada siguiente por una falsa acusación, aqm متحدہt افfuہah, y 3 de ellos perdieron la vida.

The story was told to cine in 1976 with the title Canoa, following the instructions of Felipe Cazals and the incremental is that the 54 auches of Aquellos hechos, the realism sighs supernaturally at the fix, and ah elestmo de, en.

On the 9th of June, another rumor spread in a group of WhatsApp, about a supernatural “robachicos” foreigner, from the Violence salvage of the inhabitants of Huachinango, Puebla, against a young man because he had his own matriarch. Suppose it was the “robachicos”.

Golpearon, amarraron y esposaron y su cuerpo fue recuperado carbonizado, luego de que le prendieran fuego aún estando con vida.

Daniel Picazo Gonzalez, as soon as he received the PAN as the cameraman’s deputy hasta marzo pasado, tenía 31 a yos and really had a master’s degree. There is a “love of friends and life”, which is how she describes her husband in a social media post.

This is the second linchamiento registered here in Puebla, believed in between 2015 and 2019 this delito created 600%, passing 3 to 18 cases; The victim mortals increased by 460%, aided by 5 to 23 persons, due to data from the Institute of Human Rights Ignacio Ellacuría.

In conjunction with Puebla, Tlaxcala captured the first record of this crime in the first quarter of 2022, in which it has been able to match 11 menus and 115 attempts.

Tabasco, Chiapas, Durango, Estado de Mexico, Veracruz, Oaxaca and Hidalgo are among the other entities where a turban is intimately concluded with the life of various people.

An announcement was made by the National Commission on Human Rights in 2019, revised 336 cases from 2015 to 2018 that resulted in 561 victories, of which the quadruple was 22% in the vintage, the quadruple 22% ) fue rescatado o liberado con daños graves.

In the main cases it is encountered that it treats sealants by delits against the patrimonial or robo in some modalities; 69% have sex with robo, 11% with secrecy and 7% with sex abuse.

The repertoire of this delight is very preposterous, but it is more than the fact that in the Federal Penal Code it is not considered as a delicate grave. The ban on sin is just a delusion of impunity, about all the follicles that result from the responses that have been made in the anonymity.

The case of Daniel Picazo es ejemplar, pus de las 200 personas que habrían participado en su brutal agreisón, sólo hay 7 detenidos hasta el momento.

The barbarism that suffers from abortion, also exacerbates the incapacity of the autoridas, which in the case of Puebla reconciles that the fuerzas politically no fueron suficientes to contain the situation and impede its deadly desolation.

Situation that is not new in Puebla, historically ahí es donde se has registered the mayor’s alerts and related events.

From the 174 cases of CNCH identification in Mexico that only last year 2018, 132 matches were played in 5 states; Puebla, with 48 cases, Mexican state with 40, Tabasco with 22 cases, Ciudad de Mexico with 13 and Hidalgo with 9 cases.

Consider a process for casting the responses of a linchamiento is practically a possible misdemeanor, as is the search for an aguja in a pajar; The possibilities of compilation which are responsible for animar and consumption of cream are practically non-existent.

Daniel fue despedido con una misa de cuerpo presente en la casa de la alcaldía Iztapalapa, en la Ciudad de México y lo que quedó de su cuerpo fue sepultado en el panteón San Nicolás Tolentino, frante a la mirada parico de hore .

And even in the midst of the protests of the society and the justifications of practically all the bancadas in the congress for the sake of Daniel Trabajó, the realization is that your family will be convinced with the doloroso “no se” pudo de hacer autoridades. in a state specially marked for the social violence of Violence and its lethargy.

Newly ever we were paralyzed by the most tragic manifestation of the heart, the reflection of the feeling of marginacion and exclusivity of a society that disconnects from its authorship and come to a delight because of the magnificence of the poems Location could be implicit in the fact that Mexico encounters the same.