Danny Car’s recall from England came after a convincing pitch to Eddie Jones.

Danny Carr continued his electric form for the Harlequins with a convincing serve to Eddie Jones, leading to his recall for Sunday’s No Holds Barred game at Twickenham.

Four years after his last of 84 Test appearances, the 35-year-old is ready to return from the bench as a scrum half against Harry Randall.

Kare has been an influential figure in the resurgence of Queens over the past two seasons and is among the Premier League’s most creative players, but a disagreement with Jones after the 2018 victory over Japan appears to have ended his international career.

However, breaking down the defense kept him on Jones’ radar and when they met in April, he convinced the England head coach that he was worth another chance.

“Danny has a big desire. After a recent game, I texted him “well played” because I thought he played very well. He came back and said he’d like to catch up,” Jones said.

“We had coffee and he was very adamant about his ambition to play for England. Then you get a little more interesting. We watched him closely and felt he deserved another opportunity.”

Over the last two seasons, Kare has provided more assists than any other Premier League player and Jones believes his fast playing style makes him an asset at a time when the sport has gotten faster.

“The game has changed and the pace on ruck suits him,” said Jones, who declined to say if Care is considering a trip to Australia next month.

A powerful weapon in Queens’ arsenal has been midfielder Car’s combination with Marcus Smith, but Jones insists there are still flaws in their partnership.

“They have to develop it. I spoke to them. They need to pull up. They need to feed each other better. There is huge room for improvement,” he said.

Johnny Mae and Joe Kokanashiga are returning backstage after seeing their options limited to rehab this season.

May pulled out of the Six Nations due to knee surgery and Kokanashiga did not play for England after suffering a second major knee injury in pre-season.

Although they are very different wings, what they have in common is that they have something to prove to Jones, who names his team for three Test runs against the Wallabies on Monday.

“Johnny was fantastic. One of those old seasoned players, there’s a lot more to him. He still has at least five percent growth,” Jones said.

“We’ll see on Sunday if he’s ready for Australia. That’s the beauty of the Sunday game. He hasn’t played in a long time.

“It doesn’t matter if the game was on Mars, if Joe played well, he would be useful.”

19-year-old London Irish sensation Henry Arundell was ruled out of the match with an unspecified injury, with Jones revealing former All Blacks manager Steve Hansen paid a social visit to England camp.