Databricks’ 2021 valuation as it crosses $1B annual run rate – Meczyki.Net

Databricks, an enterprise The software company focused on data and analytics announced this morning that it has surpassed a $1 billion annual revenue run rate. wall street journal previously reported Financial result news.

The milestone comes after the company raised a massive $1.6 billion round last August at a valuation of $38 billion. At that time, Databricks announced that it had cleared the $600 million annual recurring revenue (ARR) mark.

By the end of 2021, Databricks said it has crossed $800 million in ARR. As a result of the company’s renowned recent private-market valuation and regular disclosure of revenue numbers, we have been able to track its growth and resulting revenue multiples as the company grows and changes in the market.

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The timing of the new number is somewhat unclear. Meczyki.Net Confirmed Databricks Spokesperson Keena Corliss That it passed the 10-figure revenue run rate milestone in recent months, but wasn’t able to nail down a more precise timeline.