David Fincher made a documentary to pay tribute to cinema.

After successful films like Manik and Mandhantar, David Fincher already has a new project on Netflix. The filmmaker is producing Wire, a documentary series of visual essays in which he will celebrate cinema and pay homage to the seventh art.

According to The Rape, the director will work as the executive producer of the production in collaboration with David Prior. The series will premiere on November 13 as part of AFI Fest 2021.

The platform called Wire “a documentary series of visual subjects celebrating cinema with the mind of one of the modern masters”. The service has also released a short teaser for the documentaries.

Photo: imdb

David Fincher has a close working relationship with the streaming service, beginning with the House of Cards series, of which he directed two episodes and served as executive producer. Then came Mind Hunter, a series for which he directed seven chapters, as well as working as an executive producer. Similarly, he was in charge of creating a series of animated shorts Leo, Death and Robots.

In addition, Fincher directed the two-time Oscar-winning feature film Monk.

I’ve never been happier doing more than Netflix, “said the filmmaker.

In addition to Voyager, Fincher has another project on the horizon in collaboration with Netflix. It’s a Killer, a film starring screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker and based on the graphic novels by Alexis Nolint. Michael Foss Bender is in talks to star in the film.


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