De Santas appeals to 22% of Americans who support punishing school districts for masking.

The board did not immediately elaborate on the exact sentence, saying it would come after further investigation. De Santas had threatened to cut the salaries of school officials who disobeyed his order.

Broward County Public Schools. Three teachers have already been lost. Just before the start of the school year, all 19 were allegedly vaccinated against immunizations.

Since the school reopened in Florida, thousands of students have already been isolated or quarantined due to the exposure of Covid 19. in fact, More than 8000 students From one county aloneHillsboro County Public Schools, including Tampa – are currently divided due to Delta Rise and potential COVID exposure.

But school officials in Broward and Alachwa remained steadfast despite De Santis’ threats. After the governor first said he would start cutting salaries on the local mask mandate, Roseland Osgood, Chair of the Broward County School Board. Replied“I think I’m going to set up GoFundMe in my community or work at McDonald’s. At least I can get a moral conscience and know I haven’t risked anyone’s life.”

Alachwa County Public School Superintendent Dr. Carly Simon. Told NPR last week. The school board unanimously agreed on the need for masking because science was undeniable.

“We have the University of Florida very much anchored in the middle of its county,” Simon explained. “We had a great presentation addressing a variety of perspectives on how the Delta variety would impact our community. And honestly, you couldn’t sit down with these experts and hear about the complications where we were – really, we’re just beginning to grow.

Simon also said he had been approached by people “from all over the world” to offer help if Descents reduced funding in any way.

“There are a lot of people arriving who want to start GoFundMe pages,” Simon explained. “I’m sure there are a lot of people who are watching, and they’re worried, and they don’t want people to give up their rules because they’re worried about money.

Of course, the White House has said it will. Work with local school officials. To find ways to help them.

But De Santis and his cadre have now grown, although some details are unclear. One way or another, de Santas is determined to shut down this 22% of convicted Americans because attracting 1/3 of the electorate is for the losers. This supposedly “big” GOP tent keeps shrinking.

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