Deborah James talks about diagnosing cancer on embarrassing bodies.


Ebora James talks about the heartbreaking moment when she was diagnosed with cancer as she continues to end her life’s care.

The 40-year-old podcaster’s revelation came after he broke all expectations by living beyond his expected age because doctors told him to stay alive when he left the hospital last month. There is a day or a week left for.

During his pre-recorded appearance on E4’s embarrassing corpses on Thursday, Bowel Babe recounted the heartbreaking moment when he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 35.

She told GP Dr Tosin Ajayi-Sotubo: “I started going poo – we need to say this – eight times a day. And I used to be a girl like once a day.

“Then I got really tired and I remember I had to drink a cup of coffee to try to keep myself awake. Then I started losing weight and I started bleeding.

It was at this point that he had a “gut feeling that nothing was right”.

Elsewhere on the show, the campaigner came out openly as she vowed to break the taboo around Po.

He said: “All of us, our favorite celebrities, let’s break these taboos, because obviously it’s life-saving.

Earlier, he wrote on Instagram: “I recorded this embarrassing Bodies team a while ago but it’s out tonight.”

Also on Thursday, Ms James revealed that she was “in limbo” after living longer than expected by doctors.

He said on Instagram: “I find myself living in Limboland, not knowing what the future holds and for how long.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“But as we all know that life does not go according to plan, I am only grateful for the extra time that the powers that be have decided to give it to me. I look at it, smile, and think, wow, life is ridiculous !! You better enjoy it! “