Decide on the Fed’s despair bolsas

Dispatch the franchises in the Federal Reserve by the United States (Fed) and other banks in the world. Register one of the sessions of the Spanish world

From the season of June, the industrial Dow Jones Industrial Average paid 741 points, with a retrospect of 2.42 per cent, quoting the debts of 30 million units for the first time since January 2021. mil 646.10 points, compared to the S&P 500 retroced 3.25 per cent, at 3 mil 666.77 points.

The mercado of Europe also came to an end because of the tensions of inflation and recession in the regiment, as the effects that might have been possible in the united states. The Stoxx Europe 600 index will have a session with a reading of 2.47 per cent, the DAX figure will be 3.31 per cent and the FTSE 100 will reach 3.14 per cent.

In Mexico, the index of precautions and citations of the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (S & P / BMV IPC) will carry the season with a caudada of 1.63 per cent, situated at a new high of 47,558.51 points. With this, 12 of the last 14 sessions of the IPC have been dismissed.

The Fed subsequently introduced a 75-point base at the base of the Miraculus Passage, following two other banks centered like the National Bank of Suizo that, many of us, hopefully, the tips from the first to the next day will be 15 points, at the base, at 50 points. 0.25 per ciento, including the increase in precision.

Also, the English Bank (BoE) subcontracts a fairly reasonable transaction at the price of dinar at a basic price of 25 points, due to its interest at 1.25 per cent, an exclusive maximum not observed from 1ñ1.

At the same time, the discourses of the centurions have become inconceivable by recognizing that the problem is infallible or not, but a temporal or external one, which adds to the need for incremental increase with the mayor’s interest.

The economist Jeff de Fitch, Brian Coulton, thinks that the alerts for the creation of inflation or is an important global issue, with the presumption that at this moment implicitly implicit, there is no doubt that regression does not occur. el mediano plazo.

In the webinar “World Economic Perspectives: Restricting the Monetary Politics”, Coulton advises that the new cyclones in the intersections of the new global economy affect the growing economic; Without embarking, such an impact on the expansion is not reflected in the platoon, as sugieren some commentaries, since it seems that there will be 2023 when the economic activity empires a respondent to the deureciemia of endurance.

In the co-operation of Jorge Gordillo Arias, Director of Economic Analysis and Cursing of the CIBanko, who assert that this is an opportunity to determine if the political monetary restriction generates a negative UN effect on the economy.

“If inflation were to happen more often in the market, the Fed would be more likely to say that it was looking at the interstates and that it was possible to send a norteamerican economy to a recession and with the economic, global no securities. because everything depends on how much time is spent on inflation; without embargo, the mercado the descent, because asa es, the mercados adelantan and normally exaggerated and normally se equivocan ”, acotó en entrevista with La Razón.

Details that the realization that the Bancos Centrales buscan is anchor the inflatable expectations; It decides, the largo plazo and not the actual inflection.

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Antiseptic Tasa D 9.5%, Echo

In Mexico, the Bank of America (BOFA) says that analysts and inexperienced people want the bank of Mexico (banxico) with its endurance in its monetary policy, which is worth a look at 750s. These additions to the internships at extraordinary reunions.

In one note, the economists of BofA, Carlos Capistrán and Christian Gonzalez, who persuade the Inversionists that the Tasa de interés del Mexico llegue hasta 9.5 per ciento al cierre de este la cierre de este la a refereobaño . en 9.0 por ciento.

“We have a lot of fun trying to get rid of the monotony of the political situation. precios “, sostuvieron.

The last time we observe an extraordinary monetary decree on April 21, 2020, when the strings of the Covid-19 pandemic come together to destroy the mercados; without starting, at the moment the Central Bank decides to reduce the reference rate to 50 points base.