Decreased birth enrollment due to COVID-19 epidemic disease El Seglo de Taurine in Kohila and Durango

CoVD-19 epidemics have led to a sharp drop in birth rates in Coahuila and Durango in 2020. While in 2018, the figures were handled at 57,190 and 36,310, respectively, last year it dropped to 46,923 and 27,852, respectively.

In the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (ANGI) registered birth data for 2020, Along with the features of this important event, information about mother, father and registered was published.. These figures are obtained using the administrative records of the Civil Registry Offices distributed annually across the country. The data compiled by the data was provided by 5,057 intelligence sources.

In Mexico, during 2020, one million 629,211 births were registered in civil registry offices. The registered birth rate per thousand women of reproductive age was 47.9., A decrease of 13.1 units over the previous year.

Koh-i-Vela reached 69.4 births per 1,000 women in 2018, which dropped to 56.6 in 2020.. In the case of Durango, the rate was 75 in 2018 and 58.8 last year. Both the states remained above average for the country.

The decline in registration for 2020 coincides with the COVID-19 epidemic period, This has reduced the demand for registration services due to the confinement of people in their homes., As well as the conditions that health officials specified for unnecessary economic activity.

The states with the highest rates of reference were. Chippas with 67.6, Guerrero with 65.7 and Zacatecas with 62.9.. On the other hand, Mexico City, Mexico and Sonora reported the lowest intensity at 25.8, 38.9 and 41.1, respectively. Of the total registered births, 1,045,905 attended clinics or hospitals and 69,336 private homes. Takmeel participated elsewhere or was not explained.

98.4 The births were simple, while 1.6 tw were twins or multiple.

Of the total births registered in 2020, 50.9% were males and 49.1% were females. Considering the age of people registered at the time of registration, people under the age of one represented 89.9%, an increase of 3.8% compared to 2019. 3.9% had one year and 6.2 had two more years. Of those registered, 99.3% were presented alive and 0.7% died at the time of registration..

At birth, 66.9% of births occur in mothers under 30 years of age: 26.8% between the ages of 20 and 24, 25.6% between the ages of 25 and 29, and 14.2% between the ages of 15 and 19. 5,007 mothers (0.3) declared that they were under 15 years of age at birth. At the time of registration, 52 The mothers were in the Common Law Union, 27.3 were married and 12.5 stated they were single.. The remaining 8.2% fell into various categories, including indefinite.

76 mothers The schooling of mothers who have registered births is not above average. Of these, 568,432 (34.9%) are secondary or equivalent, 405,969 (24.9%) are high school or equivalent, 231,607 (14.2%) have some grade of primary school, and 32,389 (2.0) 2) has stated that he did not have schooling.

At the time of birth, parents between the ages of 25 and 29 pay the highest attention and represent 23.3% of cases. The highest proportion of parents has an education level, as in the case of mothers, does not exceed the upper secondary level: 31.1 parents said they have a secondary school or equivalent, 21.9 have high school or so And equivalent to 15 with some primary school, 1.9% said they have no level of education..

Regarding the activity status, 79.7 a total of parents announced the job, 4.5 did not work and 15.8 did not explain it..


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