Demanding opposites will change the security strategy

Ciudad de Mexico- The legislators demanded that President Andrés Manuel López modify the security strategy because the application has not been implemented.

Take a look at a minute of silence in the permanent session of the commission for the homicido of the two sacerdotes Jesus in an association with the Cerocahui community, in Chihuahua, advocates that with more than 121 million homicides The most violent administration of the last times.

The senior priest Eduardo Zarzosa demanded from the Federal Governorate that he would be responsible for his accusations and missions in public security matters, or that he would have to wait 42 months for administration, could not find the culprit lurmateria in lordoloque.

It was recorded that the Gobiiern de López Obrador had registered more than 121 million homicides, which meant that there were about 25 Mexicans or a Mexican pier in the face of the Violence of Violence.

“We rendered a minute of silence for the saccharine jesus Javier Campos and Joaquin Mora, lamentably, this is not the va of the devolver of life, nor tampoco va aviar the doll of his family.

The priest wanted the lawmakers to be the first president to change his security strategy, before the occasional violent violence by the organized organization.

“Even the strategy, if any of the federal executives, says that there is no change in the strategy, because what they have done is not the same, more than 12 1 million people from the Violence of Ahanusia, a causa del crimen organizado “, reiteró.

Gina Cruz Blackledge, the painter, said that the balaclavas registered here are similar in the states of Michoacán, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Chihuahua and San Luis Potosí, a claro ejemplo of the claudicaci deln del esto.

Cruz expects more than 121 million victims of Homicidos dolos, but only about 100 million desperate and 10 women who all have their sonasinas as a consideration of Violence.

“El horror del país ha llegado a niveles rordkord por causa de la fallida estrategia presidencial”, sostuvo.

Cruz said that the word of the President is the same as that of President López, who did not change his plan of security, in a context in which the laws were completely controlled by the organized crime and the National Guard decreed that it should.

Nancy de la Sierra, integrator of the Grupo Plural group, named after Jeff of the Federal Executive, to finally rediscover the politics and security of security.

“We will extend the mano a nustro gobierno () so that together we redesign the politics of our paisas, because the justification does not reduce the criminal culprits, the justification we do not exaggerate responsibly and reconsider and socialize.

In his turn, the late Deputy Prime Minister Gerardo Fernández Noroña laments everything that would have been achieved in the security of the so-called opposition “cargarselo” by the President.

Fernández Noroña asserted that the political security of the Federal Governorate was functional, but that there was no desperation for children or feminists since the 31st century, the secrets of ancient science, 59 secures.

The lawmaker of the Partido del Trabajo (PT) commented that the Homicidos were the delicacies of Fuero común, because they were responsible for the local Fiscalías and not the Federal Governorate.

Also consider perversion and the context in which the qualitative position of the security strategy like “de abrazos, no balazos”.

“There is no desperation for children () there are civic ascendants and retainers militarily for no deteners, there are no collaterals, there are no concoctions like the ones in the garden or in the Gobiro usurpador ().