Demands for ‘El Chapo’ say that their queues are infundadas

New York The abolitionists have demanded the status of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán dijeron est jueves que las quejas del exnarcotraficante mexico so supuesto trato “cruel e injusticeo” en prisión son, no enfundas “, efundas. cualquier otro ”, aseguraron.

At 22 points available in the electronic system of the federal cortes, the aboard the piercing Julium Martínez who meets the demand of Guzmán, assures that the sophistication of the arguments as to be achieved.

The aborigines who represent the demands were met by the fiscal general of the United States, Merrick Garland, and the director of the Office of Prisons, Michael Carvajal, who also said that the Supreme Court and other tribunals of appeals or other misunderstandings Conditions in the house that make up Guzmán.

The Mexican, 64-year-old, was extradited to the United States from Mexico in the year 2017 and, to be sure, the crime was perpetuated by drug trafficking and by a criminal empire in 2019, he was deported from Medicaid. Florence, Colorado.

Guzmán, one of the world’s most influential narrators, was born in Sinaloa, responsive to cocaine trafficking and other drugs at the United States, far more than 25 hours, accrued with the fishes. The “securities of securities” have the ordinance of securing, torturing and killing any person who intervenes in his camouflage, as well as united states.

The abuses of the demands demanded on their pedestal that Guzmán had given a camouflage of “muerte y destrucción” and that his fuga of two prisons in Mexico had a lot to do with the red collaborators who were there.

The alchemy of guzmán fuera de prisión hace excepcimentl y manejarle, aseguraron los abogados en que estistas medi den de confess lan de guzmán.

The next Mexican interpolation against the demand for Garland, Carvajal and others, adding that this friend is psychologically debating how it is treated in ADMAX, islable to be humane and to be able to deal with the de facto delectable.

“He suffers a lot in solitary confinement. My tense sanguine se ha dispardo, lo que me provoca dolores de cabeza y ansiedad. A veces me olvido de cosas,” wrote Guzmán at his request.

The Mexican also said that the functions of the caramel were always given to her to examine the arriba abajo, that she wanted to learn English but that she had no knowledge and that she did not have access to the Bible. In this series of stories about the first person, “El Chapo” also says that there is a lot of limping products that can be limped on their skin and that it is not easily found to be comida.

“I will always have many peacocks or men in me with hambre,” he wrote.

Guzmán también alega que sólo puede communicarse con su madre, una de sus hermanas y sus hijas mellizas de 10 años, en dos llamadas al mes de 15 minut cada una.

Write down what the cartridges say about subscribing to her hijabs and hermes all month long. Respecting the demands of those who respect the point that the cartridges are read and analyzed by functional antennae before being invoked as usual is the process that takes months away.

“El Chapo” also wrote that only dejan reunirse with his abogados esposado de manos y pies, lo que dfikilakata que pudea leer documentos cudomamente, y que se ignoran sus pedidos de attención medica.

“No hay tijaras para cortar uñas en la tienda (de la carcel), lo que fuerza a los presos a compartir las mismas. My pedidos are probably ignorant because we have a lot of fun in my pulp, “he said.

The abusive Guzmán, Mariel Colón, did not respond immediately to a petition from the Associated Press to comment on the solicitation of the case.