Democracia sin partidos – Meczyki

Published July 23 by pasado el Sobriviso: “Democracia, ¿sin partidos?”. The difference between aquila and this is a radical column, obviously, in the fact that it can be as easy as the application, without the sign of interrogation.

During the months transcurridos agravó the discomposition of the parted regiments. In this virtual world, the coalitions in and out of the pods reanimaron, but not like their fuerzas, their debts. Not a reflection of the vanguardia sino de retaguardia, because the parts are very close and one of them is due, when there is no difference or the caption of the empire.

This is why aliens do not reveal great, their new imaginations. He intends to come up with an idea: join without defending the dogmas, positions, interests, prerogatives or privileges, arranging the principal in the archive of the recurred. A responsive approach to maintenance in the pod, augmentation and ejaculation without corticosteroids or contraceptives; Other, the instinct of sovereignty, the preservation of subsidy and the practice of rubbing without powder.

In this logic, I believe, the democracy is at its peak, but no-nonsense illustrators illustrate in the texts of the text– for the sake of a solo humor, for the inaccuracy and the indolence of many limousines, as for the accusation. a solo hombre y llana de otras.


Only the first time and the sensation expressed by the elders of the alienza oppositora of desastro resulted in the elevations of the gobernadores este and the año pasado, as también la simbiéisto el. The quality of the comparator’s applications, applied to the orbit of the Titanic, before it concludes its ultimate interpretation.

In this day and age, one of the most important things to consider in the case of Jesus Zambrano, exaggerated contradicts a phisimo chiste – enarbola una consigna: The more recent, declaring a constituent moratorium on the Congress without consulting its legislators and announcing that the brilliance determination is tanto how to keep one of the pocos salons donde your voice resumes for groceries,

So, without discussing the arithmetic of destruction with which the two sides voted on their behalf, the electoral and the jury are in agreement with the Presidency of the Republic. Poco le importa career una propusa o perfilar algún precandidato con charisma y posibilidad. This pareja no reflection, declama. Y, lo que sea de cada quin, recita rebién la tabla de dos y del tres, al tiempo que asegura solver quebrados.

In this logic, the dynamic from no to no quer consult with con suys planes, projects o estrategias, and many men give the sala de juntas o la oficina to salir a la calle a ver qué dis la gente. What for? Quizá, a solas y frente al espejo, cada uno asume no tener idea, pero festeja controlar el padrón de militantess, el com comté eje executiveo, el consejo politico y, desde luego, administrar las prerogativas. What more could you ask for, when you can’t.

Ver In fact, Marko Cortes does not want his partner Alejandro Moreno to comply with the ideal, is it the ideal opponent that everyone wants to have? Vocifera y patalea, pero es inofensivo porque su pasado y su presente lo condenan. Because of this, between brooms and veras, the different of Morena, Mario Delgado, considerate that Alito debe seguir al frante del tricolor. “Yes, there is a great deal to be done in our movement, and this is the great dynamic that has been formed with Marko Cortés.”

If not for the sensation, for my curiosity, the court will hear the quadros of its part that adverts the precipitate that it is asoma and lleva albiazul.


And who declares the alienza that Morena encapsulates with the verdes and the trainees who are not one or the other, but secomodan donde sea, cobran en especie o presupuesto y, como detalle, llevan recados sin pedir.

With a combination of powerlessness, Morena prefers and malcompacts that simply and easily succumb to partisanship and personal gains of the applicator in the definition of corruption and, in some cases, the cream. All in all, the nominees for the Palacio Nacional to the Governors Cuauhtémoc Blanco and Ricardo Gallardo, as well as one of the most prestigious prizes to compete for the right to the right to read, read. Tales alike, socios and complexes will make you think that more people have passed pragmatism without mediation, but without sin, they want to acknowledge the politeness.

From the beginning, the seal with which Aden Augusto López was saved and converted into the archetypes of the transformation, but not the institutional, cohesiveness of the mogul. There is no such thing as a tampoco of the authenticity and legitimacy of the game of suicidalness, since these quizzes, how or where the debts of the participant are, suggest the result of the inquiry that, of course, is the same. levanladego, se levanladego él no interviene ni intervendrá. The lure of the seas oscurece its susceptibles.

The mighty fascination of Morena and, with its irresistible attraction, the impeccable ejaculation without the vicissitudes that have so far costed the country and, so declarlo, as it is not a story to be repeated.


Yes, this system is the point of generating variants: a democracy without parts, a part of parts, an alienation of deviations, an election of reserved reservations. The only problem is that the friendships, in politics, are generally simple errors.