Democrats are proposing a tax to start tax evasion from mega corporations.

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According to Wyden Committee dataUS mega-corporations spent a record 6 806 billion on buybacks, up 55 percent from a year earlier. These are the largest and richest corporations spending on buybacks, raising stock prices and avoiding CEO compensation and taxes. “In 2021, as millions of families struggle with epidemics, corporate stock buybacks should reach that record, or go even further,” the senators said. “In this context, the total value of the average household in the United States is 97 97,300, with fewer Hispanic ($ 38,000) and lesser black ($ 23,000) families.”

“Instead of buying stocks and giving CEO bonuses, now is the time for Wall Street to pay its fair share and reinvest more of that in the workers and communities that make those profits,” Brown said in a statement Friday. Make it possible. “

Wyden and Brown are considering other proposals that are changing the rules of the big business partnership. Existing laws were written at a time when partnerships were usually small businesses, such as law and doctor’s offices. Large corporations have exploited these laws, allowing them to make complex partnership arrangements that help them avoid losses, deductions and profits to avoid taxes. Arrangements are often so complex that IRS agents are assisted in trying to get IRS agents audited, and the IRS does not have that much capacity due to budget constraints. Therefore, these partnerships are never practically audited.

“The constant theme of our tax code is that it is mandatory for working people to pay taxes, but optional for wealthy investors and mega-corporations. This is especially true when it comes to passing businesses and Be it partnerships, which are the preferred tax evasion tools for these people. Above all, “Wyden. told New York Times. He is proposing a change in how both profits and debt are handled, eliminating partners’ ability to parcel disproportionately to avoid taxes. The Congressional Joint Taxation Committee estimates that the changes could raise 17 172 billion over 10 years.

Biden’s original plan included a plausible proposal to repeal the “step by step” principle, which eliminates capital gains tax on defined assets before they are inherited. Yet, when properties pass, assets are valued when they change hands. If the assets, which are already treated differently from the income earned as wages, are later sold, the definition of value at the point of transfer is taxed instead of the definition of their actual value. Goes This means that a lot of taxes have been avoided, and Biden wanted to change that, on his definition, assets were acquired based on the new tax.

Point to the “Family Farm” lobbies starting at the North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heat Camp. He is one “Well-funded” The group is pushing the line that it is a “family farmer” and a “death tax” for destructive politics. This line worked with the aforementioned Sen June tester.

The groundwork the proposals Senator Tester has seen to date will have a devastating effect on Montana’s family farms, farms and small businesses, and he will continue to fight to protect those with far-sighted policies that continue their ongoing operations. Endanger A spokesman for the tester said. Huff post this week..

However, Biden’s proposal will not harm the family farm. Or field. Or small business. Not until the owners are very rich. Biden’s plan would have taxed capitalist profits already worth more than $ 1 million. Less than 3% All Families. In addition, family business owners can defer taxes as long as the business remains in the family. “Biden formulated his proposal to avoid taxing family farmers,” said Steven Rosenthal, a senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center. Said. “The argument is a new version of an old scam. […] This is disgusting. “

But it still works. Biden’s proposal Can raise More than $ 200 billion in 10 years, and the burden will be on the very rich. This proposal is not over yet, but it is in trouble.

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