Demonstration of influence

Gracias a la polémica que se generó entre el chef Edgar Nunez y la impressive Manuela GutierrezThe rednecks of social media have revived the other personalizations of the internet that have been explored for ‘free things for free’.

Las y los creadores de contenido For social media redirects – principally Instagram and YouTube – are associated with hotels, restaurants and some other brands to solicit collaborations or intercommunication advertisements, which basically consist of Receive free products or services for free with a similar resemblance or better calcification..

This situation has provoked that some of them have their experiences; This is because of the simple fact that the search for the word ‘colaborar’ or its response before a negative, some and some of them have become ‘mal parados’ on the internet. We share some of them.

Manuela Gutiérrez – Instagram

This is the most recent case: la Influential Colombiana contacted one of the chefs Édgar Núñez’s restaurant to solicit an ‘intercambio publicity’ pue vendreía ​​in this semana a Mexico.

The chef’s response? Solo and love the form of burlona to the joven, which posteriorly discouraged if it were to offer its hope to Núñez.

Oscar Canoe – Instagram

In Mayo Pasado, the young man, concoid because of his participation in the program Exatlon D. TV Aztecafue waiting for a hotel Looking for a hotel in Gamma Alta in Huatulco 5 days and 4 numbers with the introduction of pagar ‘with intercommunication of publicity’.

After the proposition, the site was limited to declaring that it does not accept these intercepts, pues Likes The redheads are socially interested in free form. “No sea hambraudo y paga por tus servicios. Que tengas buena noche”, subscribe la cadena.

Alejandro Carreño, de ¿A dónde jalamos? ‘ – YouTuber

In the month of 2019, the restaurant Bacon bar There is a tendency to think of a group of people Influential Dell Canal ‘¿A dónde jalamos?’ with more than 100 subscribers de escribir una mala reseña en el sitio del comedor por no acceptar un intercambio publicitario.

With captions of Pantalla, a person identifiable as Alejandro Carreño contacting the site to buy a comida para cuatro persona a cambio de una video reseña. On the negative side, the young response response form: “No product regulation, tampoco nosotros regalamos nuestras reseñas […] Boomers

Elle Darby – Instagramer

Para 2018, LA Influential Brittany Elle Darby fueñ se porla por una cadena de hoteles en Dublin de enviar un correo para proponer al White Moss Cafe A collaboration, in which the promotion promotes the change of an allojamiento.

“Querida impressive. Thank you for your electronics in search of free advertising for the sake of publicity. Necessary pelotas to send an electronic cormo like this. Do you want Dormir to take a salute in a video, but who cares about you personally? Who would have thought that the cameras would have limped your habit? ¿A los que te sirven el desayuno? Rece The receiver you registered? É Quinn va a pagar por la luz y el calor que usas durante tu estancia? ¿Tal vez debría decirle a mi personal que aparecerá en tu video in vez de pagarles por el trabajo que hacen mientras estás en la residencia? Mis mejores deseos. PD The answer is no”, Fue la respuesta que dio el lugar a través de redes sociales.

Christina Pedroch – Presentadora

The difference between the two, Pedroche fue seala by ‘pedir’ a Samsung a free television. We love Samsung, live in love with this phone and do what we need in my life. If you don’t like the way Reyes Magos says he’s so much better … # échalemorroPedroche “, subscribe to his Instagram account.

Thanks to the image, while appealing to the lady de gente haciendo a gesto de súplica, fue duramente critada en redes sociales. Sin ban, more than petición, Parekaía una colaboración ya pactada con la marca Electronics 2016 Status Data.