Derby County: Rooney updated the future of Buchanan and Bourne

Derby County boss Wayne Rooney has spoken out in a recent interview about the interest in rumors among some of his key players. (Prices derived directly from Derbyshire).

What’s the story

Derby County doesn’t have the best preparation for the upcoming championship campaign, with a number of players in the test this summer.

But they are still unable to sign any of these players, the transfer of the club is banned. However, the EFL has since created extraordinary circumstances for Van Rooney, as he has a lot of light on options at the moment.

This lack of depth in the squad has not stopped some of Rooney’s key players from joining the summer departure, although Lee Buchanan is emerging. Nottingham Forest Radar, While Nathan Bourne is allegedly being targeted Celtic.

Can you see Bourne and Buchanan settling?





‘Two very important players’

Rooney has since poured cold water on any rumors of Bourne or Buchanan, along with the Derby boss. To disclose That he is the two most important players in his team with the style he is trying to implement.

“None of my players are going anywhere. Obviously, we don’t have as many players as we have.

“The way we’re trying to play, they’re the two most important players on the pitch, so none of my players will be able to leave this transfer window to the club unless they benefit, even if it’s a loan. “But that’s all it can do. If we’re allowed to bring in players.”

Bourne put on some strong performances for Derby in the 2020/21 season, his first year with the club since arriving from Wagon Athletic in September 2020.

Fillback was average Whisper rating of 6.81, Which ranked him fifth on Derby County’s Best Actor list for the most recently forgotten campaign.

As long as Buchanan has been with Derby since 2010, and club supporters will be eager to see him in the near future, they don’t even want to take any interest in Nottingham Forest anytime soon.

At 20, he is likely to still have his best years ahead of him, especially if the early stages of his development in senior football are only recently.

It has been a frustrating summer for Derby fans, as they have struggled for numbers to get involved in the matches, and have stopped thinking about the quality of the players involved.

So, hearing that Rooney is keen to keep both Byron and Buchanan at bay this summer, Pride Park loyalists will be happy to hear, especially if they have any intention of avoiding a third-tier entry into English football. Have found

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