‘Derecha, without a base to compete with obradorism’ – The Financier

“The PRI, from which the men can consider considerable histories, and those issues are not defended in the electoral; there is no perspective or horizontal. There is a person inside the PAN who will consider an option and a fundraiser for a long time. que pasa in other parts of the world ”, said Luis Herrán, expert in Latin American languages.

Herrán nació en la Ciudad de Mexico, pero creció en Villahermosa, Tabasco. Your father worked hard for a long time, so he decided to go. Register for the citadel of Latin American studies at UNAM. The Zapatista movement and the Huelga University of 1999 launched in the internship for the victims and the political conflicts. “I see the political culture of the huelga, the moment of polarization, prevalence of the election of 2000, the energy of the opposition that desperates the PRI. of the groups more conservative.

The vocabulary of his mother, Master in the Technical Institute of Villahermosa, also helped him in his studies. Herr soln solicited a little Fulbright and with her New School for Social Research, “a heterodox institute” while studying for a master’s degree and a doctorate in politics, guided by his mentor, the Argentine historian Federico Finchelstein. Download a project on Mexico in Colombia and Argentina near Guerra Fría. “Study the lessons is not the most popular thing but the most attractive for the mayor in the academic academy.

-El estereotipo es que los académicos tienden a ser de izquierda.

-Sí, is just a stereotype. The storytellers tie the knot to make sense of what we call progress. I consider, in the terminal amplifiers, a very important social media, but studying the derecha is very important because we just have a caricature of the derecha and also for an interaction with the enema to combat the de, conocer.

Tras doctorarse, Herrán dio classes de Comparada Política e Historia de América Latina en la New School. “Dar classes about Latin America in United States is a double whammy, because there is a lot of ignorance respecting not only Mexico, but the rest of the continent.” With this experience in the aula, two more classes like adjacent to Connecticut College and visited in Minnesota, Carleton College, a private institute, like a visiting professor. “Learn a lot about academic and educational culture in United States”.

Actually, Herrán is the Professor of Investigation at the University of New Mexico, “a lot more than the United States.” Consider Albuquerque, a mediocre city of millions of people who have not escaped crime. “The Mexican community is great, and its part compounds with chihuahuces. The best of my experiences in this country is because of the convincing with the distinguished communities of Mexicans, that I am interested in a different Mexico. de sus fronteras ”.

Sus classes on the history of Mexico from the 20th century, its courses on the history of modern Latin America (despised by Independencia) and its postgraduates on violetia in Latin America and Latin America and Latin America and Latin Latin and Guerrero de Guerrero about anticommunism and the onslaught in Mexico in the 60’s and 70’s, in the last days. “We want to see how many Mexicans have always had an international or global aspect, because we have always been connected with other movements and ideologies and platforms, not just Latin Americans, but most of them.”

-¿Ves deskolocada a la derecha fronte a López Obrador?

-Deside that López Obrador to the Presidency has been very interesting to see as much of the history as the PAN, but also from the groups of extremists, has not been able to reckon with Fenóridostameno ob. That is why it is a treatise to revive various discourses and strategies, for example, in the midst of communism, something different. Discussion is also very desirable among the capabilities of the public. Mexico is very much connected to the fluids or discourses of Latinoamericans about communism in part by the fenmen of Chávez, in Venezuela, or Evo, in Bolivia; The problem is that the ideas like the anti-communism of the United Nations have many limitations, mobilize one of the counties, one of the best urban mediums, but in the electorate of the city – but we know that there is no base that can be touched. el obradorismo ahora.

-Se reducer electorally to the other bastions, like Aguascalientes or Guanajuato?

-Pounds can show an expectation of regression from the 60’s and 80’s, when, like in Guanajuato, incumbent gobernads by the PRI, fueron bastions of the more recalcitrant. The PRI packed a new local to maintain the political posts, packed with cleats, with civic organizations, etcetera. That which is, the front to Morena, that has aspirations of the parted hegemonic, effectively that we see the parts of the donde, quizás the PAN, mantendrá ese voto, no sé si mi llamarasa voto, no sé si mi llamarrass . , antes que por la opución, por sus propias battallas internas.