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I wonder if we’re going to let these two girls know that he’s got the contingency for Covid-19. But one of the things that has happened is that this pandemic has lost its sensitivity to vulnerability. This is because of the psychic consciences that come from the discovery, but lurking, a corto, mediano and largo plazo, debates the realities and realizations in all the world for the advance of the advance. Considerations that also tend to have an impact on the interpersonal relationships within the umbilical cord.

We live in these ultimate años nos marcará de una manera u otra. In the ambitious and empathetic state that there are many changes, the continuation of the medias applied to the advance of Covid-19. Dentro de esos cambios están los esquemas hybridos de trabajo. Dentro de esos esmas, está de una manera u otra el regreso presencial a las oficinas. More or less days, but all of us are regressing. Forgiveness of sin, and at this time the social needs that we love the pandemic have been able to cure. In these new entrances normality is important, because tanto, tomar en cuenta a concept like the psychosocial security.

“Psychological security is a personal configuration that permits resilient sensitivities to be resilient, protected and resurfaced due to long-term emergencies and disasters.[1]. Yes, there is a time when the psychological and emotional aspect of the collaborators of empires is at the point of mirage of gobiernos and empires. Not since December 2016 has been the status quo in NOM35 de riesgo psicosocial en el trabajo.

At the same time it has become quite common for people to make virtually all virtual contracts, but it seems that this regresses the privacy of their primordial contact with their partners, jefes and other people of the organization. This is, the insects, the meadows, the fallacies of confession in a mismo can be salir to reluctance, if the organization does not have creamy entrances in all aspects, sanitarios and emotions.

The creation of psychologically secure secrets from the development of two major principals, the new organizational, the mediating of the political development, accusation and the creation of a psychosocial culture. And the novelty of the equipos, the travails of the leaders of the organization that impulses this culture of security. A culture that has podar basar in 3 claves to explore:

1. Tolerate error

2. Comunicación y confianza

3. Autonomous of the collaborators

The consideration that there is an organization about the error is an indicator of your health at the terminal security psychology. Sometimes, we see the error as something negative that we try to eliminate altogether, and that is not always possible. For the first time, the experts in innovation know that the best ideas are much better than the errors, like the new ideas or like the other ideas. For now, if we want the people to feel safe, we will see what we can do and what we can do to understand these equations. It helps to keep the climax of the sea more constructive and confusing, in the middle of nowhere.

A confession, which will also give you the freedom to express freedom. These empires do not have collaborators who are not very critical in general, and many men and women are jealous of them. It is necessary that those people, who have the freedom and hope that they can express and disclose freely, without the need for reprisals for part of the organization’s authoritarianism. This is because the communication channels are open and allow a bidirectional dialogue.

And one more thing, this is autonomy in the workplace. If we consider proactives, measures and equipments with the mayor’s capacitance of autogenesis, we are contributing to a UN reconciliatory de that not only the jefes have the concomitant and the libertad, if not this is the libertat of est ,t,, it la repartación. Asymmetry, contributing to the generalization of a mayor’s autonomy, which is one of the innermost pillars, contributes to the creation of more secure interiors and impulses the movement of new people.

The pandemic has nothing to do with our vulnerability. Ahora nos toca ver como noso reconstrumos a partir de ahí y logramos organizations and societies more resilient and capaces de afrontar los retos que esten por venir.

The author is the caterer of the UDEM School of Negotiation, the Doctor of Human Sciences for the Universidad de Deusto in San Sebastián, Spanish and cuenta with certifications as coaching executives and valors.

[1]Gutiérrez Álvarez, A., Cruz Almaguer, A., Ramirez Ramirez, G., Manso López, A., Guillén Godales, T., and Lorenzo Ruiz, A. (2021). Psychological security in the high-precision hospitality at the front of COVID-19. Educación Médica Superior, 35. Recuperado de