Despite actor Kim Mangoi’s alleged involvement in a fraud scandal, the ex-girlfriend claims she was abusive

Actor Kim Man Goi, who is currently a member of the hit show’s cast Anyway, He became embroiled in controversy after a post about an “Actor A” went viral online.

A post in the online community of a man who claims to be actor AK’s girlfriend Anyway, The actor who cheated on her several times.

Why do citizens think that despite this, the anonymous post about the actor was about Kim Man Govi?

The individual did not name Kim Mangoi in her post, however, she did mention that she was upset recently when she did a post-test in Cove 19. He also said that the actor was a member of the cast anyway.

Netizen concluded that the actor in question should be none other than Kim Mangoi, who was reportedly contracted to COVID-19 in May. Netizen claims he broke security protocol to meet his girlfriend, with whom he was cheating on his girlfriend.

Much attention has been paid to portray Kim Mangoi as a lover with whom a girl who is not interested in an affair has also fought with him. Compared to the other characters in the show, he is both conservative and related. So it is ironic that he will be accused of cheating with his girlfriend many times.

The anonymous accuser also claimed that he suddenly gained notoriety because of this role.

He wrote:

Aren’t you now deceiving the public that you love your conservative and trustworthy image, which is really the opposite of you? When I asked you if it’s okay to let people know about your misbehavior, and how it could affect your acting career, you just said it’s our relationship and told me that I I want to do that too.

What did the anonymous accuser, however, say about the lesser actors, who are less talkative?

The author added:

I wonder if the people who read you will feel the same way knowing your nature and personality, or if they will see you as an individual on TV.

The man who accused actor A of cheating on her has also claimed that it was really difficult to see her on TV every week, as it reminded her of their relationship.

He then added:

“The drama ‘N_v_rth_l_ss’ reveals the true nature of an actor. You keep appearing on television, and you upload photos over and over again on Instagram, but I wish everyone knew that you have a selfish, It was an inhuman, trash can. “

The post was uploaded online on July 24. The man claims to have dated the actor for about six years. In addition to the allegations of cheating, actor A also allegedly verbally abused his ex-girlfriend.

Talking about how actor A broke the COVID-19 safety protocol and got out of it instead of quarantining, the anonymous user said:

I was worried about you when you tested positive for CoVID-19, but later, it turned out that you were seeing someone behind my back, and even when you blamed yourself Had started, you went out early in the morning to meet him,

However, addressing the allegations against actor Kim Mangoi, his agency Big Picture Entertainment promised to consider the claims made online to verify the truth.


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